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Karl Lagerfeld Interview With VICE Magazine

Vice magazine has embarked on some of the strangest journalistic missions—it has sent a crew to North Korea and managed to return with some of the most fascinating and rare video footage, and is especially known for its irreverence when it comes to exploring certain subjects. So … READ MORE


Karl Lagerfeld x SpongeBob SquarePants – SpongeBob SquarePants Figurine

The most popular sponge with possibly the largest fan base of children under five any porous aquatic blob can amass, SpongeBob SquarePants, is not exactly known for his fashion sense (or any kind of sense for that matter). However, the poofy mass has not only successfully captured … READ MORE


AleXsandro Palombo – Karl’s Journey

AleXsandro Palombo is not one to shy away from controversy. After a debacle involving Anne Frank and certain expletive in his Fall 2006 collection, the designer/illustrator/humorous outspoken extraordinaire has started an illustration blog Humor Chic exploring lives of fashion and political icons in fantastical light with some … READ MORE


Karl Lagerfeld X Dom Pérignon – Visions and A Decision | Behind The Scenes Video

As per reported, Karl Lagerfeld was enlisted for  Dom P ©rignon’s campaign in ode of the label’s seminal Oenotheque vintage. While we had previously shared some shots from the photography campaign, Visions and A Decision, which is also released as a book, here is a behind the … READ MORE


Karl Lagerfeld X Dom Pérignon – Visions and A Decision | Photography Campaign

This is a story of wealth, of decadence and most important of all-style. With supermodel Claudia Schiffer dressed up as a femme fatale with looks to kill, fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld pitted Schiffer against Brad Koenig in a photography narrative of a Dom Perignon heir on the … READ MORE


Karl Lagerfeld x Philippe Starck x Wallpaper – October 2009

For October 2009, the encompassment of all things fine from travel to design to fashion– Wallpaper– has enlisted the help of two maestros of their trades as guest editors. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld and industrial design guru Philippe Starck have graced Wallpaper with two limited edition covers … READ MORE


Lily Allen For CHANEL – Behind The Scene Video

British songstress Lily Allen had us at “Smile”, and we had previously previewed the upcoming CHANEL campaign Allen had done with the industry’s one and only Karl Lagerfeld. Here’s an exclusive video from Oh-Lily that takes us behind the scenes to check out what went into the … READ MORE


Karl Lagerfeld Bag

There’s the It bag, and then there’s the iconic It bag. Paris Hilton has put herself on a bag before, but the Karl Lagerfeld Bag, as first seen on the fashion maestro’s spring 2009 show at Paris Fashion Week, takes it to a whole new level. The … READ MORE

Mobile Art - CHANEL Contemporary Art Container

Mobile Art – CHANEL Contemporary Art Container

Photos by: Kaufman This week marks the start of an unprecedented experience for art lovers in New York as Mobile Art – CHANEL Contemporary Art Container opens its doors to the public.  Conceptualized by famed Creative Director of CHANEL, Karl Lagerfeld, the futuristic shaped exhibition hall has … READ MORE