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John Mayer’s New Album “Paradise Valley” to Feature Katy Perry, Frank Ocean

Due to drop later this month, John Mayer‘s sixth studio album is entitled Paradise Valley and features a pair of high profile guest artists: past collaborator Frank Ocean, and Mayer’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Katy Perry. The latter appears on a number called “Who You Love,” while Ocean … READ MORE


Complex – 100 Hottest Women Right Now – Summer 2013

With summer finally peeking through after a series of abnormal weather patterns, the testosterone-fueled editorial team from Complex Magazine compiled their 100 Hottest Women Right Now list for the season. A Who’s Who of sensual beauties and sultry bombshells, the list starts off with KE$HA as #100 … READ MORE


Kanye West Debuts Nike Air Yeezy 2 Zen Grey @ MTV VMA

In between acrimonious Tweets from Tyler the Creator to Bruno Mars and appearance of Lady Gaga as alter ego Jo Calderone, last night’s MTV VMAs filled the air wave with stunning surprises, like the supposedly impromptu “Otis” performance from Jay-Z and Kanye West. But seasoned Kanye watchers … READ MORE


Katy Perry “E.T.” Featuring Kanye West | Music Video

Even before its official debut, plenty of critics have paired Katy Perry‘s new “E.T.” music video as another “Lady Gaga wannabe”, quite unfairly. While the extra-terrestrial theme, along with trans-mutational subjects, are quite similar to Lady Gaga‘s own space odyssey in “Born This Way“. The music itself … READ MORE


Katy Perry – “E.T.” Featuring Kanye West | Lyrics Video + Official Video Teaser

Has the voluptuous Katy Perry gone the way of Lady Gaga? It certainly looks like it to any casual observers when the Betty Page-esque vixen released her upcoming single , E.T. While heavy on the Encounter of the Third Kind theme, the music itself is a synth-pop … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 3/13/2011 3/20/2011

Our attention this week is still very much on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck northern Japan last week, as the country now faces nuclear radiation, food shortages, and mourns the casualties. Fittingly, a number of stories this week centered on our involvement, along … READ MORE


adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott – Behind The Scene Look With Katy Perry | By Cobrasnake

Voluptuous and beautiful, Katy Perry, the dark mane vixen appeared around the 5-second mark on adidas Is All In, a new global campaign unveiled yesterday by the label with 3-Stripe. But what really goes on between takes during the making of the 2-minute video? Los Angeles-base “partygrapher” … READ MORE


adidas Is All In – Full 120 Seconds Version | Video

To present an united front with all of its elements coming together, adidas finally unveiled the new global campaign, adidas Is All In, this morning. Under the direction of Romain Gavras with soundtrack support from synth-electronic band Justice’s new single, Civilization, the 2-minute long video is a … READ MORE


Katy Perry – “California Gurls” Behind-The-Scenes | Video

Who would have thought Katy Perry’s idea of California is a bunch of candy, a land of skimpily clad girls that unicorns had thrown up on? MTV had just released a series of behind-the-scenes videos which details the planning, conceptualization and more that goes into the making … READ MORE