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Mark McNairy x Kazuki Kuraishi x adidas Originals – “McNasty” Hook Shot 84-Lab

As part of the on-going partnership between adidas Originals and renowned Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi, the collaborative “84-Lab” imprint brings in a third high-profile name for its latest collection — namely, one Mark McNairy, the American designer whose sensibility is all over this Hook Shot trainer. Rechristened … READ MORE


Nike X158 Shanghai – Opening Exhibition | Event Recap

After some last minute adjustments, the Nike X158 Shanghai retail concept finally opened its doors over the weekend. Also known as “X158 Nike,” the mixed-use venue promotes both creativity from Nike’s design aspect, along with innovation taken from its technology side. And what better example than the … READ MORE


adidas Originals by 84-Lab – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

adidas Originals and Kazuki Kuraishi’s 84-Lab continue their partnership with a strong sports-driven line-up, which has just been released in this Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook. However, this time, the duo bring in some extra fire power in the form of New York’s own 4-Star design general, Mark … READ MORE


CASH CA x JAM HOME MADE – Accessories Collection

With Kazuki Kuraishi taking creative control of CASH CA in Japan, the British knitwear brand has leaped into making more than their staple goods. In the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, CASH CA joined hands with JAM HOME MADE for a line of accessories. The collaboration collection consists of … READ MORE


adidas Originals by 84-Lab – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection | Behind The Scenes Video

From his earlier works with Burton Japan, fragment design, LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD, to the new Heather Grey Wall retail concept and most recently as the creative lead for CASH CA‘s menswear collection, none has solidify Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi’s role in the current fashion scene than his … READ MORE


CASH CA x immun – Lightweight Backpacks

Once again, CASH CA and immun team up together for a collection of backpacks for the Spring 2013 season. The Lightweight Backpack is based on the staple backpack silhouette from immun, updated by few improvements for better usability. Firstly, the exterior shell is constructed from lightweight ripstop, … READ MORE


adidas Originals x Kazuki Kuraishi – “84-Lab” Riding Jacket

The teaming up of adidas Originals and Kazuki Kuraishi on the Retrograde Resistance 84-Lab Apparel Collection is one of those collaborations that shouldn’t be missed. Drawing inspiration from classic cuts, utilizing top-notch materials, and throwing in a dash of unparalleled style and you’re left with a line that … READ MORE


adidas Originals x Kazuki Kuraishi – Retrograde Resistance 84-Lab Spring 2013 Footwear

Spurn off from their ObyO and KZK collaborations, adidas Originals and Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi ushered in 2013 with the new “Retrograde Resistance 84-Lab”. Abbreviated to just “84-Lab”, the collection is Kuraishi’s playful interpretation of class versus new, natural pitting against synthetics, casual lifestyle fused with performance … READ MORE


adidas Originals x Kazuki Kuraishi “84-Lab” Apparel Collection Lookbook

adidas Originals has been around the world and back when it comes to collaborations, but their Kazuki Kuraishi has always been a consistent favorite, especially with their apparel. Bringing his Japanese expertise and flawless construction to the adidas look once again, the duo present the “Retrograde Resistance … READ MORE


Mark McNairy x Heather Grey Wall – AK-47 Collection

The world’s famous assault rifle is the key icon of the latest collaboration between Mark McNairy and Heather Grey Wall, a select shop owned by Kazuki Kuraishi. It is unclear, whether the designers are making subliminal protest against the current wars that is plaguing many parts of … READ MORE


CASH CA x 6876 – 3L Field Coat

CASH CA is never at a loss for creating sportswear-minded apparel with a stylistic edge and this ability can’t be any more apparent than with this latest release with 6876 on the 3L Field Coat. Building off the old, trusty rain jacket cut, the two brands come … READ MORE