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Keith Haring x Alien Workshop – Skateboard Decks – Spring 2013

When the first series of collaboration skateboard decks from http://alienworkshop.com/”>Alien Workshop and http://keithharing.com/”>Keith Haring were unveiled, riders and artists alike snatched up the boards without hesitation. Now, the two heavyweights are joining forces again with their second series of limited edition decks. Featuring iconic artworks from Haring … READ MORE


Keith Haring x Reebok Classic Leather Collection – Spring 2013 | Release Info

http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/30/keith-haring-x-reebok-classic-leather-spring-2013/” target=”_blank”>Previewed previously, http://reebok.com” target=”_blank”>Reebok Classics, along with http://haring.com/kh_foundation” target=”_blank”>Keith Haring Foundation, are bringing the lively and transformative artworks of http://haring.com” target=”_blank”>Keith Haring to the footwear scene. A part of the Reebok’s Affili’Art initiative, which saw collaborative projects with the likes of http://freshnessmag.com/2013/01/14/jean-michel-basquiat-x-reebok-freestyle-hi-spring-2013/” target=”_blank”>Jean-Michael Basquiat and http://freshnessmag.com/2011/12/19/ryan-mcginness-x-reebok-rmcq-art-shoe-affili-art-collection/” … READ MORE


Keith Haring x Reebok Classic Leather – Spring 2013

The legacy of legendary artist http://haring.com/”>Keith Haring continues to live on in 2013, thanks to http://reebok.com/”>Reebok and their partnership programs. We gave a glimpse of the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/10/18/keith-haring-x-reebok-cl-leather-mid-strap-lux/”>CL Leather Mid Strap Lux from their Spring 2013 collection late last year, and here is a sneak preview of the … READ MORE


Kinetics x Keith Haring x Columbia – Anders Falls Jacket

http://item.rakuten.co.jp/kinetics-tokyo”>Kinetics invites a special guest for their Spring/Summer 2013 collaboration collection, produced in conjunction with their longtime partner, http://columbia.com/”>Columbia. The Tokyo-based boutique connected with the http://haring.com/”>Keith Haring Foundation in New York to design the highly original Anders Falls Jacket. Vivid illustrations by Haring are placed as all-over … READ MORE


Keith Haring x Case Scenario – Bezelcase + Earphones for iPhone 5

New York’s http://haring.com/” target=”_blank”>Keith Haring is one of the most beloved and influential figures in the worlds of art and design and to pay tribute to the impact that he has had on admirers everywhere, http://case-scenario.com/” target=”_blank”>Case Scenario has dropped a new collection of http://apple.com” target=”_blank”>iPhone 5 cases … READ MORE


Keith Haring x Reebok CL Leather Mid Strap Lux

More than two decades after his untimely death at the age of 31, http://haring.com/” target=”_blank”>Keith Haring’s artwork lives on, with the groundbreaking artist’s designs set to grace the exterior of the http://reebok.com/” target=”_blank”>Reebok CL Leather Mid Strap Lux. Finished in bright ’80s pop colors, the mid-top trainer … READ MORE


Keith Haring x Alien Workshop – Skateboard Decks | Available Now

http://alienworkshop.com/”>Alien Workshop uses their skills in building solid skateboard decks to celebrate the iconic designs of the legendary artist, Keith Haring. Thanks to the support and input of http://haring.com/kh_foundation/”>The Keith Haring Foundation, Alien Workshop selected 10 of his unique and eye-catching designs to create a collection of … READ MORE


R.I.P. Tony Goldman 1943 2012 | Proprietor of Bowery Mural + Savior of SoHo Neighborhood

Unlike his counterparts in the real estate development industry, where profit margin was, is, and forever the core to their businesses, Tony Goldman saw himself, first and foremost, as a builder instead. During a 2000 interview with http://nytimes.com/2000/04/06/garden/on-the-streets-with-tony-goldman-writing-a-new-philadelphia-story.html” target=”_blank”>The New York Times, Goldman said “Developers are knock … READ MORE


Keith Haring x Case Scenario – Capsule Collection

A new season calls for a new phone case and lucky for you UNION L.A. has plenty of new ones for you to choose from. Offering collaborations with http://haring.com/” target=”_blank”>Keith Haring, http://pantone.com/pages/pantone/index.aspx” target=”_blank”>Pantone, Space Invaders, and http://houseofholland.co.uk/” target=”_blank”>House of Holland,  http://case-scenario.com/” target=”_blank”>Case Scenario’s latest line-up of clip-on … READ MORE


Keith Haring x OBEY – Capsule Collection | Preview

http://obeygiant.com/” target=”_blank”>Shepard Fairey is paying tribute to a pioneering force in street art through an upcoming capsule collection between http://obeyclothing.com/” target=”_blank”>OBEY and the http://haring.com/” target=”_blank”>Keith Haring Foundation. In a preview video Fairey characterizes Haring’s body of work as a visual language that “included characters, slogans, patterns, in … READ MORE


Keith Haring x COLORS Tokyo Chaos MacBook Sleeve

It’s a testament to the strength of Keith Haring’s artistic legacy that his work is still used to move products ranging from watches to jigsaw puzzles. In this case, the artist’s signature bold lines and colorful figures adorn the Chaos MacBook sleeve by http://colorstokyo.com/” target=”_blank”>Colors Tokyo. Features … READ MORE