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Godzilla – Asia Trailer Featuring The Monster Rodan | Video

After much speculation, the newest trailer for http://godzillamovie.com/” target=”_blank”>Godzilla finally reveals a second Kaiju, the winged Rodan. As director Gareth Edwards hinted in several interviews earlier this year, Godzillia won’t just be a reboot for the iconic http://tohostudio.jp/en/top.html?” target=”_blank”>Toho Studios monster but a possible springboard for a … READ MORE


Godzilla – Extended Look Reveals More of the Monster | Video

Revealed over the weekend, the new http://godzillamovie.com” target=”_blank”>Godzilla trailer not just placed emphasis on the tragic backstory effectively portrayed actor https://twitter.com/BryanCranston” target=”_blank”>Bryan Cranston. It also offered Kaiju fans a better glimpse at the King of The Monsters itself. The 2-minute extended look sequence revealed how nuclear physicist … READ MORE


Godzilla – Official International Trailer

No longer just a lumbering giant iguana, the revised http://legendary.com/films/godzilla” target=”_blank”>Godzilla by director Gareth Edwards will be leaner and meaner this time around. After the full official trailer made its US debut last month, the world will now get to see this Kaiju’s ability to level cities … READ MORE


Godzilla – Official Trailer | Video

How many more months until May? Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have just released the official main trailer for their http://freshnessmag.com/2013/12/11/godzilla-official-teaser-trailer-video/” target=”_blank”>latest blockbusting project, http://godzillamovie.com/#home” target=”_blank”>Godzilla. Starting out with Joe Brody – played by Bryan Cranston – trying to track down the truth behind a natural disaster that … READ MORE


Godzilla – Official Teaser Trailer | Video

At one time mistook for Guillermo del Toro’s http://pacificrimmovie.com” target=”_blank”>Pacific Rim during pre-production, studio http://legendary.com” target=”_blank”>Legendary Pictures and distributor http://warnerbros.com” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros. Pictures finally uploaded the first teaser to the much anticipated sci-fi film http://godzillamovie.com” target=”_blank”>Godzilla. Unlike the disastrous (and near comical) 1998 remake by director Roland … READ MORE

KAWS – “KAWSBOB Enters The Strange Forest” Painting | Sold For A Record High $155,000 At Charity Auction

For a few, it was home. For many others, Japan’s odd mix of traditions and modernities served as their place of inspirations. So when pop artist Takashi Murakami started plans for his charity auction to benefit the ongoing recovery efforts from March’s devastating http://freshnessmag.com/tag/2011-japan-earthquake-tsunami/” target=”_blank”>Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake, artists … READ MORE