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Freshness Week In Review: 2/14/2011 2/21/2011

Even excluding international affairs, there was definitely no shortage of news this week. The attentions of the sports world and beyond has been focused on All Star Weekend for weeks; the event has finally arrived, bringing with it a deluge of product tie-ins, major ad campaigns, and … READ MORE

alife art machine 1

ALIFE Art Machine

There’s a new vending machine at The Hole, but no snacks available. The Hole, an art space at 104 Greene Street in Soho, is host to the ALIFE Art Machine, which serves as a unique interface between art and guests of the venue. The Hole is no … READ MORE


Kenny Scharf – Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

While the art world is in preparation for its annual migration to Miami for Art Basel. Pop artist Kenny Scharf squeezed in a few days to put his mark on the mural by Houston Street and Bowery. Formerly managed by Jeff Deitch and now curated by Deitch … READ MORE


Movado X Kenny Scharf

Studying “Smiling Spermy Spiralies” by Los Angeles based Kenny Scharf is a mind boggling experience that transports one into the psychedelia while harboring a desire to open up Scharf’s brain to see what he was thinking. The artist’s pop painting is part Gary Baseman, part commentary on … READ MORE