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KICKSTARTER x MoMA Design Store – Special Collection

During the upcoming 2014 NYCxDESIGN event, the MoMA design store will launch a series of special projects initiated through Kickstarter, marking the first time the crowd-funding website has partnered with a retailer. Totaling 24 new items created by 20 international designers, the products range from robots to wall hooks, toy cars to clocks, each conceptualized, … READ MORE


BULBING – Optical Illusion Versatile LED Lamp

All great artists and designers are able to take the seemingly ordinary and make it amazing. BULBING, by Studio Cheha out of Isreal, is just another example of this principle; one where the traditional room lamp is transformed into a 3D optical illusion design object. Using LED … READ MORE


Pocket Tripod – Wallet-Sized Adjustable Stand for Apple iPhone

Fully funded through KICKSTARTER last summer, the Pocket Tripod is now available for purchase. No thicker than just two credit cards stacked together, the Pocket Tripod transforms into a stand for your Apple iPhone with just a few simple bends and folds. Created for both landscape and … READ MORE


The Pocket Printer

Zuta Labs‘ Pocket Printer offers mobile printing that can be used with any device — laptop, tablet or smartphone — onto any sized page. The miniature robo-printer features an omni-wheel system allowing it to accurately turn and drive in any direction, with an inkjet that lasts for over 1,000 printed pages … READ MORE


Modular Urban Backpack by EMBER EQUIPMENT

Its likely you’ve ran into this problem before. Despite the name “daypack”, the average size of a backpack is either too big or too small for all of your daily needs. However, the designers of EMBER EQUIPMENT might have a solution which they named the Modular Urban … READ MORE


MISSION BICYCLE COMPANY – “Lumen” Reflective Bikes | Preview

The success of its Revolights x MISSION BICYCLE COMPANY partnership prompted MISSION to test out other safety measures for night riding. What they came away with was something unlike anything before, an all-reflective bike frame. Called the “Lumen,” the new frame features a paint formulation that is … READ MORE


Moment Smartphone Camera Lenses

Our smartphones frequently pull double, even triple duty; handling our calls, our calendar, and even snapping pictures and videos of our life. But, even that doesn’t give them the credit they’re due. Devices like the iPhone and Galaxy have revolutionized photography, putting powerful gadgets in the hands … READ MORE


MaxStone Camera Remote

Let’s face it: when inspiration strikes or an opportunity for an incredible shot presents itself, you’re not always going to have a second set of hands to help. Whether it includes shots with a long exposure, time-lapse, or video, having a remote on-hand is the difference between … READ MORE


Gigs 2 Go: Disposable USB Flashdrive

We’ve all seen the paper pull-and-go tabs at coffee shops, the student union, and bus stops, selling wares, looking for a lost dog, and soliciting for a new roommate. Gigs 2 Go builds on that concept with a disposable take on the USB flashdrive, taking the compact … READ MORE


Snooperscope: Night Vision for Your Smartphone

The ideal gadget for nocturnal explorers, Snooperscope is a wireless night vision device that attaches to your iPhone or Android phone  — or even a tripod or bike helmet — so that you can see what’s happening in low light or even total darkness. It shines infrared radiation on objects in … READ MORE


Motrr – Galileo: Robotic Dock For iPhone | Available Now

For work, for play, and for staying in touch with family and friends, the Galileo robotic iPhone dock is ready for it all. At the beginning of the year, we previewed this creative gadget by Motrr and we’re excited to say that it is now available for you … READ MORE