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FlyKly Smart Wheel

The FlyKly Smart Wheel aims to make the lives of bicycle commuters a little easier. Compatible with almost any bicycle, the Smart Wheel has a hub fitted with a 250W electric motor that automatically kicks in when the user starts pedaling (and stops when the user does). The motor … READ MORE


MimoCo – MimoPower BatteryBot External Battery Pack

Tired of the boring, box-like back-up batteries out there? So is the team from MimoPower, who are on the verge of releasing their BatteryBot line-up with the help of fans and donors over at KICKSTARTER. In a very unique Art Toy meets mobile electronics mash-up, the Boston-based … READ MORE


Rantmedia Games – The Return of ColecoVision

According to Anton Faulconbridge, founder of the Cardiff-based Rantmedia Games in the UK, one can define the essence of what makes a truly great video game by first eliminating what it’s not about – namely faster gigahertz, fancier graphics or extra gigabytes of memory. Rather, the key … READ MORE


Hydroflex Skateboard – Hi-Tech Composite Skateboards

Relatively new to the world of surf, Hydroflex Technology is whipping up some gnarly waves with a new board construction method and its patented 3D-Glassing Technology. Awarded with multiple industry and technology prizes, Hydroflex‘s new surfboards also won over several of the world’s leading professional surfers, including … READ MORE


iSketchnote – Smart iPad Cover: Digitizing Technology Meets Notebook Ease

Attention all graphic designers, sketch artists, and writers: Our latest KICKSTARTER discovery was made for you. Introducing iSketchnote, a smart iPad cover that seamlessly blends the comfort of pen-to-paper writing with the necessity of digital technology. Channeling the innovation of the magnetic drawing board of our childhood … READ MORE


SHADOW – Community of Dreamers

The brain is a highly complex organ composed of neurons that generate electrical signals constantly, even while we sleep. And when we sleep, our minds are freed from the limits of reality. Sadly, once we wake up, 95% of those thoughts have faded and we are left with … READ MORE


Baron Fig – Sketchbooks & Notebooks For Thinkers

Frustrated by the pointless mediocrity of notebooks on the market, graphic designer Joey Cofone decided to take matters into his own hands. With the help of his friends who are designers, illustrators, writers, and entrepreneurs, Cofone has crafted a simple yet functional tool that is the sum … READ MORE


Fos: An Affordable, Wearable LED Display System

Fos, an affordable and wearable LED Display system created by EROGEAR has started its Kickstarter campaign and we’re liking the illumination. The project has only 19 days to go until the campaign closes and a mark of $200,000 to hit, so every dollar bill helps. Created by Anders Nelson, this safety-light … READ MORE


TRACE – Advanced Activity Monitor for Action Sports | By ActiveReplay

After years of trying, along with several trips to the emergency room, you finally nailed a perfect switch frontside 720 on your deck. You are super stoked about it, except no one else was there to witness your moment of triumph. All that may be a thing … READ MORE


Spike Lee Raising Funds for New Film Project on Kickstarter

Legendary Brooklyn-based director, Spike Lee, points out in the below video that the film industry is completely different from when he started few decades ago. While there are talks of his latest English reinterpretation of Old Boy, Lee is pleading to his fans to lend a hand … READ MORE


Ziphius – The Aquatic Drone

With summer upon us, Ziphius is the perfect companion for your upcoming trek to the beach, trip out on the lake, or even your neighborhood pool party. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Ziphius is an “app-controlled aquatic drone” capable of swimming around to play catch, take pictures or … READ MORE