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Spike Lee Raising Funds for New Film Project on Kickstarter

Legendary Brooklyn-based director, Spike Lee, points out in the below video that the film industry is completely different from when he started few decades ago. While there are talks of his latest English reinterpretation of Old Boy, Lee is pleading to his fans to lend a hand … READ MORE


Ziphius – The Aquatic Drone

With summer upon us, Ziphius is the perfect companion for your upcoming trek to the beach, trip out on the lake, or even your neighborhood pool party. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Ziphius is an “app-controlled aquatic drone” capable of swimming around to play catch, take pictures or … READ MORE


Impossible Instant Lab | Available on August 29th

In case you didn’t catch wind of the Impossible Instant Lab when we previewed its goal-destroying run on Kickstarter last September, there’s still time to get in ahead of this gadget. The Impossible Instant Lab is a fun link between the photography technology of decades gone by with … READ MORE


MUSGUARD: A removable, rollable bicycle fender

Whether riding to your next location is choice or a necessity, either way your clothes (and the rest of your backside) needs to be protected from those rooster’s caused by the spin of your back wheel; that’s where MUSGUARD steps in. Designed by Jurij Lozi?, MUSGUARD is a removable … READ MORE


The ‘B’ Remote Control Hybrid Car-Helicopter

It’s 2013 and still, no flying cars clogging our cities’ skyways. For now, the closest we may get to the sensation of driving an airborne car is the B, a remote-controlled hybrid car-helicopter with a patent pending design. Creator Don Vitenzo of the UK built the B … READ MORE


Monkey Light Pro – Bicycle Wheel Display System | By MonkeyLectric

It isn’t the market’s first LED lighting system for cycling and certainly not the only one on crowd-sourcing site KICKSTARTER. However, the Monkey Light Pro by MonkeyLectric may just be the most entertaining one out there. Consists of 4 bar-shape circuit boards with 256 full-color LEDs attached, … READ MORE


Mutator – Makes Mute Simple on Your iPhone

  Mutator, simply put, helps prevent you from being “that guy.” You know, that guy whose phone buzzes during the important client presentation. Or, that guy whose phone plays Gangnam Style when you get a text at church. Since our phones are always with us, we have to … READ MORE


Star Wars: Vader Strikes Back – First Person View of a Lightsaber Duel | Video

In their quest to pass time till the release of Star Wars Episode VII, martial arts/sci-fi fans clubs Golden Gate Knights and The Stunt People decided to create their very own Star Wars sequel, with one peculiarity however – a first person view of lightsaber duel. So … READ MORE



Though the original objective was to introduce a new and innovative lighting solution for cyclists at night, the success Revolights garnered since its introduction in 2011 made it one of the best proven concept to date on crowd funding’s effectiveness. After fulfilling some 900 orders of its … READ MORE