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The BikeSpike

Think of it as LoJack for your bike. You finish a long, hard day of work at the office and mosey over to where you safely and securely locked your bike and find that it’s been snatched. Thanks to The BikeSpike, designed by Chicago-based engineering collective Three Man … READ MORE


EMBRACE+ – Smart Notification Bracelet for iPhone & Android Phones

“Fashion accessory with true functionality” is a catchphrase often used but rarely realized except in the case of EMBRACE+. Billed as a smart notification bracelet for mobile devices, EMBRACE+ is essentially a translucent rubber band embedded with an optical fiber, a smart controller unit, and a LED … READ MORE


spnKiX Pro 1.0 – Motorized Skates | Available Now

A year after he solicited investments from crowd-sourcing site KICKSTARTER, product designer Peter Treadway’s pet project, the spnKiX Motorized Skates, are now available for purchase. Easily fitted over any footwear, the battery powered spnKiX Motorized Skates gently propel you along. Control and operate via a wireless remote … READ MORE


The ACME Corporation Poster – Every Wacky Gadgets of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner | By Rob Loukotka

Fans of the old Looney Tunes cartoons starring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner know that the Coyote used every tool at his disposal (in vain) in pursuing his fleet-footed quarry. There was a veritable cavalcade of gadgets, tools and devices, all from the ACME Corporation, … READ MORE


PhoneJoy Play – Compact Game Pad For All Mobile Devices | By PSA

Games for your mobile phone are perfect to have while you’re on the go or bored out of your mind, but sometimes the constraints of touchscreen controls severely limits your actual gameplay experience. Looking to completely buck the trend of game development into a totally new arena, … READ MORE


Iguaneye Freshoe

At first glance the Iguaneye Freshoe may not look like the latest development in running shoe technology, but that’s precisely what French outfit Iguaneye intends to bring to the masses through its Kickstarter campaign. The ultra-minimal design is crafted from elastomer and molds to the contours of … READ MORE


Revolights | Available Now

If you didn’t get in on the ground floor during Kent Frankovich’s KICKSTARTER campaign for his ingenious cycling safety system known as Revolights, now is your chance to “join the revolution.” As we previewed last September, Revolights busted through its initial donation goal of $43,500, ultimately raising … READ MORE


Ultimate Sound System for iPad | By ORA

The Ultimate Sound System by ORA addresses the one glaring deficiency of the Apple iPad — namely, the sound quality of its single speaker. The team at the San Francisco-based outfit has crafted an aluminum case/stand that boasts eight front-facing speakers (tuned by the former lead engineer … READ MORE


Romo – The Smartphone Robot for Everyone | By Romotive

Thanks to the first round of funding via KICKSTARTER, Peter Seid, Phu Nguyen, and Keller Rinaudo’s dreams came true last November with Romo, their first robotic creation for the masses. Some 2,000 units built and shipped later, the trio not only established a tech start-up in the … READ MORE