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PhoneJoy Play – Compact Game Pad For All Mobile Devices | By PSA

Games for your mobile phone are perfect to have while you’re on the go or bored out of your mind, but sometimes the constraints of touchscreen controls severely limits your actual gameplay experience. Looking to completely buck the trend of game development into a totally new arena, … READ MORE


Iguaneye Freshoe

At first glance the Iguaneye Freshoe may not look like the latest development in running shoe technology, but that’s precisely what French outfit Iguaneye intends to bring to the masses through its Kickstarter campaign. The ultra-minimal design is crafted from elastomer and molds to the contours of … READ MORE


Revolights | Available Now

If you didn’t get in on the ground floor during Kent Frankovich’s KICKSTARTER campaign for his ingenious cycling safety system known as Revolights, now is your chance to “join the revolution.” As we previewed last September, Revolights busted through its initial donation goal of $43,500, ultimately raising … READ MORE


Ultimate Sound System for iPad | By ORA

The Ultimate Sound System by ORA addresses the one glaring deficiency of the Apple iPad — namely, the sound quality of its single speaker. The team at the San Francisco-based outfit has crafted an aluminum case/stand that boasts eight front-facing speakers (tuned by the former lead engineer … READ MORE


Romo – The Smartphone Robot for Everyone | By Romotive

Thanks to the first round of funding via KICKSTARTER, Peter Seid, Phu Nguyen, and Keller Rinaudo’s dreams came true last November with Romo, their first robotic creation for the masses. Some 2,000 units built and shipped later, the trio not only established a tech start-up in the … READ MORE


TiBolt – American Made Titanium Bolt Action Pen | By Brian Fellhoelter

Mimicking the movement of a rifle bolt, Brian Fellhoelter‘s TiBolt Bolt Action Pen sets a new standard when it comes to writing instruments. No longer will you have to settle for cheap, by-the-dozen pens with easily breakable parts, inconsistent click tops, and plastic bodies that leave your … READ MORE


Memoto Lifelogging Camera

The Memoto Lifelogging Camera is a tiny shooter you can clip onto your collar, measuring just 1.4 x 1.4 inches and lacking any buttons or controls. The 5-megapixel camera snaps a picture every thirty seconds, timestamping and geotagging each. At the end of the day, you upload … READ MORE


DELTA SiX | By David Kotkin

Designed with the help of special operations operators, David Kotkin‘s DELTA SiX replica gun controller just may be the final piece you need to elevate your first-person shooter experience to the ultimate level. Built with an internal accelerometer that allows you to aim by actually moving your … READ MORE


Ball and Buck Presents – Making The Perfect Shirt | By Mark Bollman

Originally appearing on our radar with their collaboration with New Balance on the camo-infused US574, the guys at Ball and Buck have completed their latest high-profile project — namely, the Hunters Shirt, aka the “perfect shirt,” derived from asking their customers the question “What is the one … READ MORE


Van Brunt Holster & Container for iPhone 4/4S

A DIY gift idea for a family member took off quite quickly and now, a little after a year, Van Brunt Holster & Container is looking to make its public debut. Named for Van Brunt Street right by the waterfront of Brooklyn, the concept was to have … READ MORE


Impossible Instant Lab | By The Impossible Project

The Impossible Project┬á— formed by a group of “instant photography aficionados” dedicated to keeping the semi-ancient art form alive — has created the Impossible Instant Lab, a collapsible and battery-powered device which turns your iPhone photos into Polaroid photos. The user selects the image through the Instant … READ MORE