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Totem Industries – Sustainable Workwear Project | By Josh Holleb

Josh Holleb, founder of Totem Industries, is a self-described “dabbler.” From building sustainable homes, to organic farming, and backcountry skiing, to running Totem Industries and creating his own clothing line, the string that connects all these passions is a desire to make an impact on the world while … READ MORE


Quikdraw – An Innovative Camera Lens Holster | By Riley Kimball

Except those in the upper echelon of the field like Bruce Weber and Annie Leibovitz, most photographers work without the benefits of assistants. This means lugging around multiple gears weighing around 50 pounds on average at all time. To lessen some of those cumbersome equipment, engineer Riley … READ MORE


Instacube – Android-Based Digital Picture Frame for Instagram Photos | By D2M

You know you’re on to something good when you’ve almost reached your KICKSTARTER pledge goal only a few days into your campaign. Created by Design to Matter (D2M) and launched on August 21, Instacube breaths new life into the digital photo frame product line by offering a way … READ MORE


Mobi-Lens: Universal Tool for Mobile Phones, Tablets, & More | By Evette & Aris Allahverdian

The initial purpose of including a powerful digital camera on mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets was to eliminate the need of carrying a camera at all times. But because the camera’s limitations, we find ourselves lugging a set of attachments and additional lens. To exasperate … READ MORE


Faraday Porteur – Electric Bicycle | By Faraday Bikes

In just a few hours time, your opportunity to be the first to ride the Faraday Porteur Electric Bike will be over as its KICKSTARTER entry draws to a close. So what’s unique about this electric bike among the many that are available on the market today? … READ MORE


Botiful – Social Telepresence Robot for Android | By Claire Delaunay

California-based inventor Claire Delaunay has created a consumer telepresence robot she’s dubbed the Botiful, a device compatible with Android smartphones that allows users to interact with people in remote locations through Skype. Motion control allows the device to move around the room, its camera and microphone functioning … READ MORE


Radian – Budget Motion Control Time-Lapse Photography Device | By Alpine Laboratories

California’s Alpine Laboratories has developed the Radian, offering time-lapse motion cinematography to the masses. The device is a simply designed white round block, featuring a threaded mounting stud up top and a threaded hole at the bottom, allowing it to be mounted vertically or horizontally on a … READ MORE


WALNUT STUDIOLO – Bicycle Frame Handle

Although you may think your bike can take you wherever you need to go, let’s face it: sometimes you’re just going to have to hoof it for a while up the stairs, across some dicey terrain, or weave through a crowd. That’s where the aptly named and simply designed … READ MORE


Andromeda: Tactical Lighting with Military Tri-Rail | Inspired by M4 Carbine Picatinny Rail

L.A.’s Sketchy Designs Studio wants to introduce some terms one normally doesn’t associate with home furnishings: “badass,” “epic” and “awesome.” They intend to do so with a lamp dubbed Andromeda Tactical Lighting, the world’s first ever military-inspired tri-rail lamp, fully utilizing a picatinny rail system that allows … READ MORE


OpenROV – Open Source Underwater Robot

OpenROV is a KICKSTARTER project that has crushed its original fundraising goal. How does something like that happen? Well, who doesn’t want a DIY submarine kit that turns your normal, everyday trip out on the water into the next James Cameron deep sea mission? Capable of putting … READ MORE


Spike – Real Keyboards & Protective Cases for the iPhone | By SoloMatrix

Even the most loyal iPhone user would have to admit typing on glass can at times be a challenging endeavor. Enter the Spike TypeSmart, a folding keyboard for the iPhone 4 and 4s from father and son outfit SoloMatrix. The fold-over physical QWERTY keyboard is built into … READ MORE