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HALO – Illumination LED Belt | Video

Usually cycling safety gadgets are designed with one thing in mind: to keep you safe. A team from San Francisco, however, believes that there’s no reason why we can’t take the whole night-time safety angle and blend it in with something you can wear on a daily … READ MORE


CordLite – Illuminated Charger Cable for Apple iOS Devices | By Scrap Pile Labs

Every night when you’re heading to bed — already feeling a bit groggy and uncoordinated — the last thing you want to do is take a few stabs in the dark in an attempt to plug in your Apple iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. It’s not … READ MORE

bowden and sheffield minimalist ipad cases - by finegrain - 0


While iPad cases are no stranger to our pages, a time comes when a group of designers come in and completely change the rules of the game. And, to top it off, these two from FINEGRAIN are also full-time students. So what is so special about these … READ MORE


BLINK/STEADY – Fine Crafted Aluminum Bike Lights | By Benjamin Cohen

The main appeal of the Blink/Steady bike light is its simplicity. Machined from solid aluminum, the light is secured to your bike’s seatpost and turns on automatically when it’s dark and shuts off when you’re not riding (thanks to a built-in light sensor and accelerometer). The device … READ MORE

sleekpeak - wireless speakers for your bike - 4

SleekSpeak – Wireless Speakers for Your Bike

There’s almost nothing more dangerous for a cyclist than wearing a set of earbuds as you weave your way through traffic or hit your next century ride, which all but block out the sounds of horns blasting or sirens screeching. But, as is the case in almost every … READ MORE


Galileo – Your iOS in Motion

The latest gadget from the Santa Cruz, California-based design company, Motrr, which brought you the Joby and the Gorillapod line of tripods, now outfits your iPhone with a 360-degree rotating platform called the Galileo that can pan and tilt giving you the control you need to capture panoramic shots, video, and … READ MORE


Instaprint The Location Based Photo Booth for Instagram

For Instagram addicts who want to be able to hold actual prints in their hands, New York-based startup BREAKFAST has unveiled Instaprint. The wi-fi enabled device is a mobile photo booth containing a printer that can be assigned a specific hashtag or location, allowing it to print … READ MORE


Triangle Tree iBamboo Urban – Recycled Plastic Speaker For Apple iPhone

An alumni of KICKSTARTER, the eco-design firm Triangle Tree unveiled the prototype to its newest project, the iBamboo Urban. Though an exact replica of its iBamboo speaker for Apple iPhone & iPod, one which received multiple media mentions last year, the new iBamboo Urban is somewhat different … READ MORE


Fresh + Creative – Matt Stevens

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe Creativity speaking, it was a way to escape from the daily grind and to tap that original inspirations which started it all. Of course, that “original inspirations” could be anything and everything, from a simple leisurely stroll on the beach … READ MORE


spnKiX – Wearable Mobility

Los Angeles-based product designer Peter Treadway has developed the spnKIX, a pair of motorized skates that come with straps so you can wear them with the shoes you already have on. Once you’re strapped in, you press the button on your handheld wireless remote and presto, you’re … READ MORE


Kogeto iCONIC Panoramic Add-On Lens For Android Phones

The seed for the Kogeto Dot 360-degree panoramic lens was nurtured to life on Kickstarter and took off when it launched as an accessory for the iPhone. Building on this early success, Kogeto announced on January 6 that they will be launching a version for Android phones … READ MORE