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KIKS TYO – Camo Cardigan

Camouflage patterns, as always, are getting a lot of attention this season from fashion to streetwear. However, we are witnessing some interesting application of the pattern, away from the staple military clothing. KIKS TYO has produced their take on the camouflage cardigan, yet this garment is much … READ MORE


KIKS TYO x Sneaker Freaker 10th Anniversary Collection

It seems like 2012 is a good year for many brands and companies as they celebrate their decade in business. Sneaker Freaker from Down Under is also commemorating their 10th anniversary this year, and they have teamed up with Tokyo’s biggest sneaker fanatics, KIKS TYO, on a … READ MORE


KIKS TYO – Sneaker Mosaic “Bob Marley” T-Shirt

It is interesting how our eyes and brain perceive an image. The Sneaker Mosaic series capitalizes on the fact that our eyes can distinguish images from a collage of colors. In this case, the calculated position of sneakers makes up an image of the legendary reggae singer, … READ MORE


KIKS TYO – X Border iPhone Case

Perhaps only the die-hard Air Jordan fans may recognize the inspiration for this iPhone protector case from KIKS TYO. The graphic on this X Border case borrows a key design element from the Air Jordan X sneakers. If you look closely at the graphic design, you will … READ MORE


KIKS TYO – Sneaker + Girl Summer 2012 Promotion DVD | Video

One of the famous series from Tokyo’s self-proclaimed sneakerholics, KIKS TYO, is the Sneaker & Girl collection. In essence, this ongoing project explores the compatibility of beautiful Japanese models and limited edition sneakers. The Summer 2012 collection will launch from the end of this week, and to … READ MORE


KIKS TYO – Just Get It T-Shirt

KIKS TYO may be known for their successful Girls and Sneakers series, yet they also have various long running series that catches the attention of sneakerheads. One such series that make way to each season is the Just… series inspired by the slogan of a very famous … READ MORE


KIKS TYO x Aya Kiguchi x Mai Nishida – Girls & Sneakers T-Shirt

KIKS TYO are back with their popular t-shirt series, Girls & Sneakers, and two new designs are ready for release mid next month. Aya Kiguchi is a familiar face on this project and she is wearing the China exclusive LeBron 8 which is coordinated with a white … READ MORE


KIKS TYO x Aya Kiguchi x Kana Tsugihara – Sneaker & Girl T-Shirts

Preparing for April, KIKS TYO is releasing four new t-shirts from the popular Sneaker & Girl series. One of the stand out designs is the second version of the Year of the Bunny photo t-shirt featuring Aya Kiguchi. Another item with Kiguchi is the Tech t-shirt where … READ MORE

Aya Kiguchi Skunk

KIKS TYO x Aya Kiguchi x Kana Tsugihara – Sneaker and Girl T-Shirts

The popular Sneaker and Girl series from KIKS TYO is back again and we have previews of the March t-shirt releases from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Two different models were chosen to represent a two totally different sneakers from Nike. Aya Kiguchi poses rocking the Skunk Dunk … READ MORE

KIKS TYO x Kinetics

KIKS TYO x Kinetics – Year of the Bunny T-Shirts

The year 2011 is also known as the year of the rabbit on the zodiac calender and expect rabbit inspired products to be released from various brands this year. Headlining the year of the rabbit, KIKS TYO and Kinetics have teamed up to produce a capsule collection … READ MORE

Basic Ox Shirt Black

KIKS TYO – Basic Ox Shirts

Sometimes t-shirts are too casual and a semi-formal attire is required. However, if you do not want to reach out to the fashion brands, KIKS TYO has the item you might be looking for. The Basic Ox Shirts are more or less basic oxford shirts. Rest assured … READ MORE