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KIKS TYO x Kinetics

KIKS TYO x Kinetics – Year of the Bunny T-Shirts

The year 2011 is also known as the year of the rabbit on the zodiac calender and expect rabbit inspired products to be released from various brands this year. Headlining the year of the rabbit, KIKS TYO and Kinetics have teamed up to produce a capsule collection … READ MORE

Basic Ox Shirt Black

KIKS TYO – Basic Ox Shirts

Sometimes t-shirts are too casual and a semi-formal attire is required. However, if you do not want to reach out to the fashion brands, KIKS TYO has the item you might be looking for. The Basic Ox Shirts are more or less basic oxford shirts. Rest assured … READ MORE

KIKS Logo T-Shirt

KIKS TYO – KIKS D.I.Y. T-Shirt Customization

We have all seen the customization systems by the big sneaker brands, and KIKS TYO is following in the same footsteps by introducing the KIKS D.I.Y.. The basic idea is that the customers will be able to customize their own KIKS Logo t-shirt. The KIKS D.I.Y. system … READ MORE


KIKS TYO x Maceo Eagle – Artist Exclusive T-Shirt

KIKS TYO‘s latest Artist Exclusive series introduces Maceo Eagle from Seattle. An active graffiti writer/artist since the 90′s Eagle established the 3MORE Gallery in Brooklyn and have worked with various apparel brands in providing design and artwork. These days he is busy working on the Kinfolk Bicycle, … READ MORE

Yuki Hoashi World Cup

KIKS TYO x Yuki Hoashi – World Cup T-Shirt

Everyone is neck deep into the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as each cheer on for their own country or favorite teams. Brands have gotten the World Cup fever as well, each releasing South Africa inspired items for fans to rock at the matches or in front of … READ MORE

Eric Q T-Shirt

KIKS TYO x Eric Q – Boks Kun T-Shirts

Toronto native Eric Q used to work as a designer at Reebok, and how his talent and skills have been tapped by other sportswear companies such as adidas, New Balance, and of course, Reebok.  Apart from designing sneakers, Eric Q’s art work puts focus on music and … READ MORE

Wood Shirt Biege

KIKS TYO – Wood Shirts

Sneaker inspired or sneaker crazes brand KIKS TYO have released their latest Wood Shirts for strictly sneaker heads or for those who understand the significance and reference to the design. This could be like aloha shirt for sneaker fiends with the tropical silhouette and detailed with matching … READ MORE

Inspiration Backpack & Hipsack 5

KIKS TYO x whyworks – Inspiration Backpack and Hipsack

KIKS TYO from Tokyo have teamed up with whyworks from Seoul to produce a dual purpose Inspiration Backpack and Hipsack. This is an interesting backpack design which integrates a hipsack into the bottom of the bag. Strikingly colored in bright red and black accents, this is a … READ MORE


KIKS TYO – Summer 2010 Collection Preview | Video

KIKS TYO has decided to use video as a medium to showcase its latest Summer 2010 collection, with Tokyo as a backdrop for highlighting different pieces in motion. Unlike a conventional fashion preview, KIKS TYO enlisted the help of different individuals with different skill sets ranging from … READ MORE