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capsule x KIKS TYO x Yuko Ishida

CAPSULE x KIKS TYO x Yuko Ishida

Aside from KIKS TYO special Yuko Ishida t-shirt with Singapore’s retail chain Limited Edt.  KIKS also partnered with Toronto’s own CAPSULE boutique for its own customized tee.  This Canadian exclusive tee features Yuko Ishida in a CAPSULE branded bikini with a pair of the all time favorite … READ MORE

Limited Edt x KIKS TYO x Yuko Ishida

Limited Edt x KIKS TYO x Yuko Ishida

Singapore based sneaker boutique, Limited Edt, has teamed up with KIKS TYO and Yuko Ishida for this special t-shirt that features Yuko Ishida rocking a pair of New Balances and holding a pair of Nike Air Max 90 Currents in front of the Limited Edt Vault. The … READ MORE


KIKS TYO x OBEY – Obey Giant + Skull T-Shirt

As part of its upcoming Fall/Winter 2008 collection, Japanese label KIKS TYO created a limited edition series of collaborative t-shirts with Shepard Fairey’s OBEY.    Featuring Fairey’s signature Andre the Giant graphic print, incorporated into KIKS TYO’s sneaker oriented design theme, the OBEY KIKS propaganda collection will officially … READ MORE


KIKS TYO – Laforet Harajuku Pop-Up Store

The celebration of several national holidays consecutively, the commonly called Golden Week will come to a close in Japan this Tuesday, May 6th. Similar to major holidays, like Thanksgiving, in United States. Golden Week gives over worked Japanese to visit friends & family. Retailers also take the … READ MORE


KIKS TYO x Aki Hoshino x Yone – Sneaker Lover T-Shirt

As part of its recent collaboration with famed Japanese photographer Yasumasa Yonehara (better known simply as Yone) and swimsuit model Aki Hoshino, KIKS TYO just made 2 limited edition printed t-shirts available for pre-release reservation. This marks the 3rd series of KIKS TYO t-shirts, featuring photos from … READ MORE

KIKS TYO x Aki Hoshino - Yo! Kiks Parka

KIKS TYO x Aki Hoshino – Yo! Kiks Parka

KIKS TYO has just released this special limited edition collaboration “Yo! Kiks” Parka featuring of course their franchise player, Aki Hoshino. The Parka, more or less a hoodie, features a simple Black and Pink colorway with a dope inner lining featuring a number of famous Aki pictures. … READ MORE

KIKS TYO x Aki x Yone - Book + Tees

KIKS TYO x Aki x Yone – Book + Tees

KIKS TYO is back at it again with everyon’es favorite sneaker model, Aki Hoshino. They are fresh off a book release, called Sneaker Lover, that features pictures taken by highly touted photographer Yone. The book is 100 pages worth of full color pictures of the stunning Aki, … READ MORE

KIKS TYO x Casio - G-Shock "Air Max 95" Watch

KIKS TYO x Casio G-Shock – “Air Max 95″ Watch

KIKS TYO has been doing it real big lately with their various collaborations that include Champion and Sesame Street. The brand is definitely on the come up and here is just another reason why. They have partnered with Casio to release this 25th Anniversary, Air Max 95 … READ MORE



MESS Beijing just got a shipment of KIKS TYO t-shirts which include some of the highly sought after Aki Collab tees as well as a few other classic tees. KIKS TYO has done a great job of expanding their presence outside of Japan and MESS is only … READ MORE

Freshness Exclusive: KIKS TYO x Aki Hoshino

Freshness recently visited the KIKS TYO‘s showroom in Tokyo, to catch a glimpse of new t-shirts for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons. For the new season, KIKS TYO again teamed up with Japanese swimsuit model Aki Hoshino as the collection focal point. However, they added additional collaborators on … READ MORE


KIKS TYO – 2007 Showcase with Aki Hoshino

Created last year, KIKS TYO is a new Japanese label of apparels and accessories, with sneaker theme as a focus. Created by a gentleman simply known as Hobby:tech, made famous by his editorial within Japan’s Street Jack Magazine. The KIKS TYO label draws influences from early days … READ MORE