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Nike Kobe VIII Prelude Pack – “Reflection”

The final piece of the Nike Kobe Prelude Pack launches just two weeks before the arrival of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, featuring the lowest profile and lightest weight of any Kobe signature shoe before it. Good thing, because the Mamba would need every advantage he could … READ MORE


Nike Zoom Kobe VII Prelude Pack – “London”

Deceptively simple, the Nike Zoom Kobe VII Prelude tells a comprehensive story ringed in gold. The dominant black and grey tones reference the city of London, home to the 2012 Summer Olympics, where Kobe and the USA Basketball team were the ultimate victors. The fine art theme … READ MORE


Nike Zoom Kobe VI Prelude Pack – “All Star MVP”

The sixth installment of the Nike Kobe Prelude Pack is all about hometown pride, springing from Kobe’s MVP performance at the 2011 All-Star Game in Los Angeles. While that achievement is stitched onto the shoe’s footbed, the printed graphic on the outside commemorates the Pacific Ocean and the … READ MORE


Nike Zoom Kobe V Prelude Pack – “Finals MVP”

Pop art flourishes cover the Nike Zoom Kobe V Prelude, designed to celebrate Kobe’s back-to-back Finals MVPs. What makes the achievement even sweeter is this particular championship round was fought against the Boston Celtics, who’d trounced the Lakers two years earlier in the 2008 Finals (a development … READ MORE


Nike Zoom Kobe IV Prelude Pack – “Finals MVP”

Stick with us, Kobe and Nike Zoom fans, as this continued look at the individual pieces within the Nike Kobe Prelude Pack is just getting started and its already red-hot. Following our looks at the kicks that mark his accomplishments like the 4 game 50-point flurry, his scoreboard shatting … READ MORE


Nike Zoom Kobe III Prelude Pack – “Misery”

Like Michael Jordan before him, Kobe Bryant is an on-court assassin who’s competitive to a fault. He’s already supremely self-motivated, but Kobe’s drive kicks into an even higher gear in the face of failure. It’s no wonder, then, that he calls the third installment of the Nike … READ MORE


Nike Zoom Kobe II Prelude Pack – “4/50+ Points”

While the first installment of the Nike Kobe Prelude Pack celebrates an amazing single-game performance from the Black Mamba, the follow-up pays tribute to a four-game stretch in the 2007 regular season when Kobe scored at least 50 points during each contest. (Specifically, he scored 65, 50, 60 … READ MORE


Nike Kobe 1 Prelude Pack – “81 Points”

A collection of all eight of Kobe Bryant’s signature Nike sneakers — each one devoted to a pivotal on-court moment in the player’s long and storied career — the Nike Kobe Prelude Pack is due to launch with no. 1 in the series. That shoe is the … READ MORE


Nike Kobe Prelude Pack | Detailed Look

Ever since Kobe Bryant penned a contract with Nike in 2003 to begin a line of signature shoes, the flood of provocative, technically innovative, and performance-driven shoes have pretty much not missed a beat. Releasing every year since 2006, the Kobe line has seen an evolution as … READ MORE


Nike Kobe “Prelude” Collection

As a lead-up to the launch of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, the Swoosh has taken the wraps off the Prelude Pack. Subtitled “A Road to the Masterpiece,” the collection features Kobe Bryant’s first eight signature sneakers, all adorned with unique designs that celebrate the stories behind Kobe’s most … READ MORE


Nike Kobe 9 Elite – Officially Unveiled

Flanked by Nike CEO Mark Parker and designer Eric Avar, Kobe Bryant unveiled his ninth signature basketball shoe earlier this evening at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. Designated as the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, the new edition features the latest and best performance … READ MORE