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KRINK x G-Shock Launch | Event Recap

The folks at the ever-collaborating NY institution, ALIFE joined forces with artist Craig Costello aka KRINK for an exhibition called Spray Paint the Walls. With walls bathed in the trademark KRINK vertical ink lines in varying shades of blue and yellow, the party goers were treated to … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 3/13/2011 3/20/2011

Our attention this week is still very much on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck northern Japan last week, as the country now faces nuclear radiation, food shortages, and mourns the casualties. Fittingly, a number of stories this week centered on our involvement, along … READ MORE


KRINK x Casio G-Shock – Interview With Craig “KR” Costello | Video

In bring out everyday objects as works of art, Craig “KR” Costello re-framed the notion of graffiti as spray on words and tags. Instead, he created context around them and in some cases beautified them with his iconic paint drips. The same goes with his creation of … READ MORE


KRINK x Casio G-Shock DW-6900KR-8JR | Detailed Look

Ingenuity born out of necessity, New York-base artist Craig “KR” Costello formulated his own KRINK paint, ink, and applicators when he couldn’t find a proper one commercially available. The same goes for Casio G-Shock timepiece, where its establishment came when durability of electronic watches were at times … READ MORE


KRINK x Casio G-Shock DW-6900KR-8JR

Shimmering glow of metallic silver can only mean one thing, a creation by artist Craig “KR” Costello and his trademarked KRINK outfit. Adorned on the DW-6900, this is the latest collaborative project between the Lower East Side staple and Casio G-Shock. Aside from the metallic silver appointment, … READ MORE


KRINK x EXIT Magazine x ABSOLUT Vodka – “A Work in Progress” Video Series

Commissioned in part by Stephen Toner, Editor of EXIT Magazine and spirit label ABSOLUT, New York-base artist KRINK customized 15 ABSOLUT GLIMMER Limited Edition bottles in part for EXIT Magazine’s Fall/Winter issue. Already a signature of the ABSOLUT brand since its introduction in October of this year, … READ MORE


KRINK – K-51 New Colors

The K-51 sounds more like a deadly weapon than the broad tip marker that it actually is. KRINK has come up with new colors of the popular marker and it will aid artists fight on the streets. New colors include green, red, blue and purple and its … READ MORE


Tom Sachs x KRINK Marker Set & Stand | Behind The Scene Look

The Internet was abuzz with activities this morning when contemporary artist Tom Sachs and famed graffiti artist KRINK (Craig Costello) announced the KRINK Tom Sachs Special Edition Marker Set. For any artist, the instruments or tools are extensions of more than just their arms, but minds as … READ MORE


Tom Sachs x KRINK Marker Set & Stand

Perhaps there is no definitive answer to the question, “what is art?”. However, that hasn’t stop artist Tom Sachs from seeking a solution. In his newest installation, a marker set with graffiti artist Craig Costello, or better known by his tag KRINK, self formulated writing instruments K-12 … READ MORE

Krink T-Shirt

KRINK – Classic Logo T-Shirts

KRINK just dropped their new t-shirts on their online shop and it is also available at select retailers around the world. The Classic Logo t-shirt is just that and features the classic KRINK logo on the front of the t-shirt. There are no frills just bold logo … READ MORE


KRINK x Levi’s Japan – T-Shirts

Earlier last month we saw a range of items that was produced as a result of Levi’s Japan and KRINK working together. As the distinct drip pattern was applied to various classic Levi’s products this latest t-shirt design shies away from the famous drips and puts focus … READ MORE