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KRINK – K-60 Paint Marker Metallic Colors | Available Now @ colette

Sure, the artist is as good as his talent, but good tools can push one’s work to a whole new level. In comes KRINK, the purveyor of quality painting instruments for artists–street and others alike. Designed for the streets, KRINK’s paint were revolutionary for artists as they … READ MORE


KRINK – 8-Litre Applicator | Video

Earlier this year, KRINK (famed for drippy images and a great range of markers and artistic tools) gave artists something to rave about by giving the conventional fire extinguishers artists have been refilling with paint for work a cool black and white makeover a la KRINK. The … READ MORE


KRINK x Levi’s Japan – Reception Party Recap

The highly previewed and anticipated collaborative capsule collection between KRINK and Levi’s Japan is finally released into the world to make your regular non-KRINK paint splattered denim feel slightly off color. The denim collection launched with a reception party and a bang on Nov. 13, a day … READ MORE


KRINK x Levi’s Japan – Apparel + Denim Collection | Detailed Photos

Artist Craig “KR” Costello has been keeping a brisk pace on his itineraries in recent months. Straight after a new retrospective exhibition in Hamburg Germany’s Vicious Gallery, Costello, who also goes by the name KRINK, is gearing up for another important event – the launch of his … READ MORE


Craig “KR” Costello x MINI x Vicious Gallery | Detailed Photos + Video

New York-base artist Craig “KR” Costello, or simply known as KRINK, returned to Hamburg Germany’s Vicious Gallery for a very special project this Halloween weekend, the very first “KRINK MINI”. A couple bottles of KRINK special formulated paint, a brand new MINI COOPER S… READ MORE


Craig “KR” Costello X Mini | Vicious Gallery

Two years ago when Vicious Gallery first opened its doors, Craig “KR” Costello of KRINK held the inaugural exhibition at the gallery. Now two years later, KR and his company, KRINK, have grown into a global enterprise, household name and influencer. This year, KR returns to Vicious … READ MORE


Levi’s X KRINK

Paint and denim do bode well for that additional painterly touch and give denim extra character and the wearer some fun story to tell. Levi’s Japan partners up with KRINK and gives all a new perspective of what could possibly happen when denim meets ink. The result? … READ MORE


KRINK – 8 Litre Applicator T-Shirts

Ever the creative source in the graffiti/street art scene, KRINK have pushed the envelope of artists’ tools by producing 8 litre applicator in limited quantities previously in black then in silver colorways. Now they have made t-shirts with the straight forward photo graphic of the applicator screened … READ MORE


KRINK – 8 Litre Applicator

World famous for their drippy nature and range of pens and markers, KRINK have remained popular amongst graffiti writers and street artists. This would very well be the world’s first manufactured paint applicator in a huge 8 litre fire extinguisher style canister. Street artists have been refilling … READ MORE

Smith x KRINK - Smith EXCLUSIVO Collection - Holt Helmet with Clouds

Smith x KRINK – Smith EXCLUSIVO Collection

In search of a solution, avid skier Dr. Bob Smith came up with his own in 1965 – the world’s first non-fogging ski goggle. 40 years later, the company he helped found, Smith Optics, has breach across all forms of eyewear use in today’s active lifestyle. This … READ MORE


KRINK – New Metallic K-60 Paint Colors

New from Craig Costello, better known as KRINK or KR, custom K-60 paint in palettes of Metallic Green, Metallic Purple, and Metallic Blue. Each   Withheld closely, the new secret paint formula guarantee to have the perfect consistency and ideal liquefaction of metallic pigments. Comes in squeeze … READ MORE