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The Style of Jesse Villanueva | New York, USA

Name: https://twitter.com/JesseHolySmokes” target=”_blank”>Jesse Villanueva Occupation: Creative Director of http://alifenewyork.com” target=”_blank”>ALIFE New York / Co-Owner of http://instagram.com/thumpersnyc” target=”_blank”>Thumpers Speed Shop Top: http://carhartt.com” target=”_blank”>Carhartt Sandstone (Vest) http://llbean.com” target=”_blank”>L.L.Bean Chamois Cloth Flannel (Shirt) http://instagram.com/thumpersnyc” target=”_blank”>Thumpers Speed Shop (T-Shirt) Bottom: 2004 Vintage http://freshnessmag.com/content/features/files/0904/alife_levis_501/index.php” target=”_blank”>ALIFE x Levi’s 501 (Denim) Accessory: Vintage (Sterling … READ MORE


L.L. Bean Camo West Branch Duffle Bag

Everyday we see a lot of brands and labels run by, but not too many of them have the staying power and strength that the LL Bean name has. Known for supplying pretty much everything you could possibly dream up to make your next outing that much … READ MORE


L.L. Bean Bootmobile – Celebrating 100 Years in the Outdoors | Video

http://llbean.com” target=”_blank”>L.L. Bean might thwart a position long held by Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile with its own Bootmobile. To help celebrate the outdoor goods label’s 100th anniversary, the Maine-base company sought Echo Artz to recreate L.L. Bean’s most famous footwear, the Maine Hunting Boots, in a facsimile much, … READ MORE

L.L. Bean Signature – Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe | Available Now

With http://roguesgallery.com” target=”_blank”>ROGUES GALLERY’s Alex Carleton on board, http://llbean.com” target=”_blank”>L.L. Bean searched through its 99-year old archive for inspiration as the backbone of the Maine-base label’s new endeavor, http://llbean.com/llbeansignature/llb/shop/8?subrnd=1&nav=gn&feat=gn” target=”_blank”>L.L. Bean Signature. Officially launched today on its website, L.L. Bean Signature revisit New England classic designs, some … READ MORE