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Lady Gaga By Terry Richardson For Supreme Posters

As Lady Gaga finished her tour in Madison Square Garden last evening, facsimiles of the Pop Culture auteur by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson dotted across the streets of SoHo ahead of the Supreme launch of its Spring/Summer 2011 Collection this Thursday. Somewhat tamer than the entire set … READ MORE


Lady Gaga For Supreme By Terry Richardson | Behind The Scenes Video

Pardon the mid-day interruption with another Lady Gaga alert. Following the recent photo spread in Oliver Zahm’s Purple Magazine, the Archetype of Pop Culture returns this morning with the release of behind the scene video of her photoshoot with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. Shot by Simon Cahn … READ MORE


Lady Gaga x Supreme In Purple Magazine | By Terry Richardson

One possible tagline for this photo might be “Tearful Confession of a Fashionista”. But of course this is no ordinary fashion addict, but the Ostentatious Goddess of Pop, Lady Gaga herself. Appearing in the upcoming issue of Purple Magazine, the 2 photos are originally from a series … READ MORE


Freshness Week in Review: 1/16/2011 1/22/2011

It’s pretty obvious what the overall theme was this week: shows – both runway and buyer’s events. From Pitti Uomo in Florence, to Paris Fashion Week, to Bread and Butter in Berlin, and Agenda and (capsule), in our own New York City, which had artistic direction by … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 1/03/2011 1/08/2011

There’s no getting around it: this week was defined by electronics (and thankfully not by another snowstorm that brought NYC to a standstill). We covered a number of items from the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (internet refrigerator, anyone?), but that wasn’t the only source of interesting … READ MORE


Lady Gaga x Polaroid – Grey Label

Neglected as if it had the coodies, for a while, no one wanted to touch the Polaroid brand, not even with a 10-foot pole. The once storied marquee of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship, the present day Polaroid is just a mere shadow of its former self. In … READ MORE


Lady Gaga x Vogue Hommes Japan – Monsieur Gaga?

Lady Gaga? Monsieur Gaga? Boy? Girl? Woman? Man? Considering Lady Gaga once proclaimed that she was born with both kinds of genitals, the gorgeous (not to mention convincing) cover shoot shouldn’t come as a surprise. Or rather, with photographer Nick Knight’s lens manipulation mastery and ambient lighting, … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 6/7/2010 – 6/11/2010

Not quite sure where the LA Revenge will be heading too yet, since the Celtics and the Lakers manage to tie the NBA Finals at 2-2 before the weekend. While many might still be fretting over the hoops, in another continent, 2010 FIFA World Cup finally kicked … READ MORE


Lady Gaga – Alejandro | Full Length Video

Eight and a half minutes after clicking into the video, you will believe that some teasers, especially ones created by Lady Gaga and fashion photographer Steve Klein, remain the mysterious smoke and mirrors that teasers are born to be. The teaser, just launched not too long ago … READ MORE


Lady Gaga – “Alejandro” by Steve Klein | Teaser Video

Lady Gaga is a performer, and more so, is synonymous with fashion. Since Lady Gaga rallied the world to “Just Dance”, she has been causing infectious cases of jaw-drops with her fashion choices which often includes styling sans pants but with a lot of sparkles. As indispensable … READ MORE


“Fame: Lady Gaga” Comic Book | Preview

Considering the dramatic and elaborate costumes, quirky (Euphemistic for “strange”?) Lady Gaga can possibly pass off as a superhero as long as she manages to get herself within 10 feet of a radio active spider or nuclear waste dump. But, Lady Gaga doesn’t have to become a … READ MORE