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Lady Gaga – Telephone Ft. Beyonce | Official Video

“Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger”, Lady Gaga explains quite serenely in her latest music video, Telephone, featuring Beyonce. The statement is bawdy, strange, yet almost introspective enough to achieve philosophical atonement–and it makes one wonder. Just like the statement, the plot to … READ MORE

Lady Gaga x Armani x Prada – Monster Ball Tour Outfits

Known for her daring experimental style and unapologetic attitude, Lady Gaga wears what she likes no matter how challenging (aesthetically and physically). The lady of pop blew up in 2009 with psychedelic dance beats that call for a decadent good time and mind-bending, dazzling outfits (remember her … READ MORE


Lady Gaga MTV Woman Of The Year |

MTV Shows 2009 may not be an excellent year for companies and dreaded financial reports, but it is a stellar one for pop-princess Lady Gaga. With The Fame and multiple hits that are simple, danceable and just pure glittery addictive, the mademoiselle of electro-pop has fast established … READ MORE


David LaChapelle x Lady Gaga x Kanye West – The Fame Monster – Gaga Book

We are convinced that Lady Gaga can’t stop, won’t stop and will never stop. After releasing her album, most celebrated doyenne of electro-pop immediately takes off for a world tour, sang the to Queen recently and is going to put out the Monster Pack of her latest … READ MORE


Lady Gaga x Nick Knight – i-D Magazine “100 Portraits” | Preview

This year marks the 30th anniversary of i-D Magazine, one of the quintessential publications for the design industry. To commemorate the i-D Magazine’s three decades in business, the magazine is bringing back fashion photographer (and Director of fashion media company, SHOWstudio) Nick Knight and 100 Portraits, the … READ MORE


Monster x Beats By Dr. Dre x Best Buy – Club Beats Launch Party with Lady Gaga

On Monday night in Los Angeles, Best Buy along with Monster Cable, and Beats by Dr. Dre launched Club Beats with Lady Gaga at one of the Best Buy locations in Los Angeles. Lady Gaga made an appearance along with Dr. Dre, Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine, … READ MORE


Lady Gaga x You – The Monster Ball Tour Video

Even without Kanye, Lady Gaga holds her own ground across the globe with her upcoming “The Monster Ball” Tour. While she is without Kanye, her ladyship seeks partnership in none other than her fans to be a part of the world tour by submitting their own video … READ MORE


Vogue x Lady Gaga – Little Boy + Girl Lost

Shot by one of the world’s favorite photographers, Annie Leibowitz, Vogue’s fashion shoot not only paged for model Lily Cole and actor Andrew Garfield, but also enlisted Lady Gaga– the songstress of the moment also known for her outrageous and brave fashion sense. Titled Little Boy & … READ MORE


Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance” | Music Video

Since Lady Gaga had professed that she makes music with a sole aim of fun, her exuberant music videos with outfits that never cease to shock and wow work hand-in-hand with her happy electro-pop tunes that make people want to dance. Next up for a visual trip … READ MORE


Lady Gaga X Dazed Digital – Lady Gaga Exclusive Film

First the lady pronounced her hatred for pants (and wearing them), then she announced that she possesses male genitals. The byzantine pop artist’s loves, hates and actions are absolutely avant-garde and out of the world (not many girls are willing to set their boobs on fire). However, … READ MORE


Kanye West X Lady Gaga – Fame Kills Tour | Canceled

For the Kanye West and Lady Gaga fans out there, this will perhaps come as a disappointment, but perhaps not a shock after the Taylor Swift debacle at the 2009 MTV VMA — Fame Kills Tour came to “a swift death”.   A press release from Live … READ MORE