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Freshness Week In Review: 6/7/2010 – 6/11/2010

Not quite sure where the LA Revenge will be heading too yet, since the Celtics and the Lakers manage to tie the NBA Finals at 2-2 before the weekend. While many might still be fretting over the hoops, in another continent, 2010 FIFA World Cup finally kicked … READ MORE


Lady Gaga – Alejandro | Full Length Video

Eight and a half minutes after clicking into the video, you will believe that some teasers, especially ones created by Lady Gaga and fashion photographer Steve Klein, remain the mysterious smoke and mirrors that teasers are born to be. The teaser, just launched not too long ago … READ MORE


Lady Gaga – “Alejandro” by Steve Klein | Teaser Video

Lady Gaga is a performer, and more so, is synonymous with fashion. Since Lady Gaga rallied the world to “Just Dance”, she has been causing infectious cases of jaw-drops with her fashion choices which often includes styling sans pants but with a lot of sparkles. As indispensable … READ MORE


“Fame: Lady Gaga” Comic Book | Preview

Considering the dramatic and elaborate costumes, quirky (Euphemistic for “strange”?) Lady Gaga can possibly pass off as a superhero as long as she manages to get herself within 10 feet of a radio active spider or nuclear waste dump. But, Lady Gaga doesn’t have to become a … READ MORE


Lady Gaga – Telephone Ft. Beyonce | Official Video

“Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger”, Lady Gaga explains quite serenely in her latest music video, Telephone, featuring Beyonce. The statement is bawdy, strange, yet almost introspective enough to achieve philosophical atonement–and it makes one wonder. Just like the statement, the plot to … READ MORE

Lady Gaga x Armani x Prada – Monster Ball Tour Outfits

Known for her daring experimental style and unapologetic attitude, Lady Gaga wears what she likes no matter how challenging (aesthetically and physically). The lady of pop blew up in 2009 with psychedelic dance beats that call for a decadent good time and mind-bending, dazzling outfits (remember her … READ MORE


Lady Gaga MTV Woman Of The Year |

MTV Shows 2009 may not be an excellent year for companies and dreaded financial reports, but it is a stellar one for pop-princess Lady Gaga. With The Fame and multiple hits that are simple, danceable and just pure glittery addictive, the mademoiselle of electro-pop has fast established … READ MORE


David LaChapelle x Lady Gaga x Kanye West – The Fame Monster – Gaga Book

We are convinced that Lady Gaga can’t stop, won’t stop and will never stop. After releasing her album, most celebrated doyenne of electro-pop immediately takes off for a world tour, sang the to Queen recently and is going to put out the Monster Pack of her latest … READ MORE


Lady Gaga x Nick Knight – i-D Magazine “100 Portraits” | Preview

This year marks the 30th anniversary of i-D Magazine, one of the quintessential publications for the design industry. To commemorate the i-D Magazine’s three decades in business, the magazine is bringing back fashion photographer (and Director of fashion media company, SHOWstudio) Nick Knight and 100 Portraits, the … READ MORE