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lamborghini aventador j video 160x160

Lamborghini – Aventador J | Video

The jaw dropping design of the drop top Lamborghini Aventador J is nothing short of stunning, a slightly more attention seeking than the Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera we reported earlier. However, there was one very unfortunate fact about this vehicle, that there is only one in existence … READ MORE

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera | Test Drive Video

Translogic’s Bradley Hasemeyer has met a lot interesting people and has introduced us to a lot of unique cars over the course of their 100 episode run, mostly powered by alternative fuels or driven by alternative personalities. Needless to say, AOL has picked a winner with the … READ MORE

lamborghini urus concept at 2012 beijing motor show 4 160x160

Lamborghini Urus SUV Concept | Detailed Look

There are three numbers you need to know about the Beijing Motor Show (aka Auto China) so far: 1,125; 3; and 4. The first represents the fact that a record 1,125 vehicles are vying for the attention of the world’s biggest car market during the show, which … READ MORE

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Lamborghini Urus SUV Concept | Preview

The cat bull is finally out of the bag… With the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, dubbed Auto China 2012, less than 2 days away. Renderings of the highly anticipated Lamborghini Sports Utility Vehicle Concept have crept up across the Internet. Known as the Lamborghini Urus, the concept … READ MORE

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Lamborghini x BMC – Limited Edition Bicycle | Preview

The latest bike-car collaboration is to come from Italian super car marque Lamborghini and BMC of Switzerland. Known as the BMC Impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition, the all carbon-fiber road bike is a premium derivative of BMC Impec bikes. It also shares design traits with the model rode … READ MORE

lamborghini ferruccio 50th anniversary concept 01 160x160

Lamborghini Ferruccio – 50th Anniversary Concept | By Mark Hostler

Next year Lamborghini will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, a milestone that Mark Hostler, a transportation design student at Staffordshire University, is recognizing with his Lamborghini Ferruccio concept. The sloping front end and extra wide rear were inspired by the Countach, while the rounded shapes of the … READ MORE

Lamborghini The Making of Aventador J video 160x160

Lamborghini – The Making of Aventador J | Video

In our honest opinion, an one-minute video about the making of Lamborghini Aventador J simply doesn’t do the ultra exclusive super car any justice. Instead, the film should be a full-length feature, just we can savor every image of it since now the one-off vehicle belongs to … READ MORE

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How To Photograph A Lamborghini Aventador

Commercial photographer Blair Bunting is best known for capturing images of professional athletes like Mike Tyson, Darrelle Revis and Discovery Channel personalities from Myth Busters and Deadliest Catch. Recently he invited the crew from Fstoppers to Loft 19 Studios in Arizona to document his techniques in shooting … READ MORE

Lamborghini Aventador J 00 160x160

Lamborghini Aventador J | “Radically Open, Extremely Powerful”

Year after year, the Geneva Motor Show brings together some of the world’s most beautiful and powerful cars that car manufacturers have spent months or even years designing and refining specifically for this event. Then, here comes a very custom, very wild speedster version of the┬áLamborghini Aventador … READ MORE

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The Most Expensive Car Accident – 2011 | Aftermath Video

Back in December we told you about a roadway mishap in Japan that many had taken to calling the world’s most expensive car accident. In case you missed it, here’s a synopsis: a caravan of exotic sports and luxury cars were on their way to a weekend … READ MORE

nissan juke r versus video 09 160x160

Nissan Juke-R VS. Lamborghini Gallardo + Mercedes SLS AMG + Ferrari 458 Italia | Video

At first glance, this match-up between the Nissan Juke-R and three legendary exotic cars – Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes SLS AMG, and Ferrari 458 Italia, seemed quite unfair. The result, however, couldn’t be more different. A testament to the age old saying of “don’t judge a book by … READ MORE