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Lanvin – Spring/Summer 2010 – Canvas And Leather Sneakers

Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver have decided that for Spring/Summer 2010, the Lanvin man will be a dandy who is romantically disheveled. He will be a smart, learned man, who is also acquainted with the streets. To aim for that “smart-untidy” style, this season’s Lanvin is full … READ MORE


Converse X Lanvin – Limited Edition Lanvin en Bleu Sneakers

While Alber Elbaz has the luxury sneaker game figured out with his popular and now iconically opulent hi-tops, the brand is livening things up by bringing the Converse Chevron and star into the  mix. As a part of celebrating the fashion powerhouse’s 120th Anniversary, Lanvin collaborates with … READ MORE


Lanvin – Limited Edition 120th Anniversary Tote

One of our favorite luxury brands purveying sleek sneakers, Lanvin, is celebrating it’s 120th anniversary this year. While the brand is not doing a special 120th anniversary sneaker, a commemorative leather tote is in place for the celebrating. Crafted from plus deep grey leather with red accents … READ MORE


Lanvin – Fall/Winter 2009 – Satin and Lizard Sneakers

Men don’t get all the fun at Lanvin as Elbaz offers a chic and funky but wearable collection this season. The adored satin sneakers from previous seasons are done up in a cool black with a mix of luxurious materials that will tug on any girl’s heartstrings. … READ MORE


Lanvin – Fall/Winter 2009 – Sneaker Bags

We all know Lanvin makes some of the best luxury sneakers in the market, and they are not stopping anytime soon with the sneaker game. In fact, they are moving their sneakers out of the dust bags and onto actual bags. Freshness spotted some sweet bags from … READ MORE


Lanvin – Fall/Winter 2009 – High Trainer

With Alber Elbaz’s efforts, Lanvin is not only a purveyor of well made designer dresses, it is now synonymous with swanky, luxury trainers for men who embraced sneakers growing up and are ready to take their rubber soled kicks to the next level. This season, the casual … READ MORE


Lanvin – Fall/Winter 2009 – Gray Flannel Chukkah Sneakers

Lanvin has been surprising the industry with great luxury sneakers for a couple of seasons now, and for their Fall/Winter 09 footwear collection, the brand keeps it simple with coordinated monochromes. As Lucas Ossendrijver mentioned, his new collection is a mix of “couture and jogging”. The new … READ MORE


Lanvin – Spring/Summer 2009 – Multi-colored Satin Sneakers

Lanvin‘s low top and hi-top sneakers have recently been all the rage in the world. Its design mastermind, Alber Elbaz, has outdone himself and Lanvin’s previous sneakers collection with cool new Lanvin kicks for women. The new multicolored satin low tops don a kaleidoscopic mix of red … READ MORE


Lanvin – Grey Hi-Top Sneaker

Aloha Rag, the Hawaii and Manhattan outpost for the finest in finery has stocked up on the latest hot-hot-hot Lanvin sneaker. This time in tough polyester with a great hand, the calfskin leather piping details call out the shape, in a style that almost reminds you of … READ MORE