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Laurence King - The Art Game Artists Trump Cards 01

Laurence King – The Art Game: Artists’ Trump Cards

In the increasingly digital age, it is refreshing to see a printed card game conceptualized, instead of an app for our smartphones and tablets. Laurence King worked with acclaimed art writer James Cahill and Copenhagen-based illustrator Mikkel Sommer on The Art Game: Artists’ Trump Card. These playing … READ MORE


Chris Lefteri – Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Production Design Book

Aside from aesthetic beauty, design involves a deep understanding of materials and processes, no matter the discipline. Only through an understanding of both facets of materials and manufacturing can the true potential of a designed product be realized. Chris Lefteri is an expert in the field of … READ MORE


The Sneaker Coloring Book

For the sneakerhead who is also a five-year old at heart, Daniel Jarosch and Henri Klingel of design studio, PKNTS, have decided to take the process of custom sneakers back to a more rudimentary level, back on paper and with a lot more enjoyable private moments. Their … READ MORE


Laurence King – Fixed: Global Fixed Gear Bike Culture Book

There have been various fixed gear related books in the past however, none have actually covered the fixed gear culture as a whole and it might be because the movement has never gotten as big as it has currently. Authors Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard has published … READ MORE