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Porsche 919 Hybrid for 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours

http://porsche.com” target=”_blank”>Porsche has just released the first official images of their entrant into the http://fiawec.com” target=”_blank”>2014 FIA World Endurance Championship and the http://24h-lemans.com/en” target=”_blank”>24 Hours of Le Mans, the 919 Hybrid. Set to be the flagship of the Porsche design group’s fleet at the Geneva Motor Show … READ MORE


Audi R18 e-tron Quattro Diesel Hybrid For 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours

http://audi.com” target=”_blank”>Audi has just taken the wraps off of their latest four-wheeled missile, targeted at destroying the 2014 World Endurance Championship season, which also includes the http://lemans.org/en/” target=”_blank”>24 Hours of Le Mans. The Audi R18 e-tron Quattro Diesel Hybrid features an updated V6 TDI mid-mounted engine that sends … READ MORE


Nissan Juke NISMO To Debut At 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

A concept no more. Along with the experimental http://freshnessmag.com/2012/03/14/nissan-deltawing-racer-for-2012-le-mans-24-hours-batmobile-like-experimental-race-car/” target=”_blank”>Nissan DeltaWing and much talked about http://freshnessmag.com/2012/05/03/nissan-juke-r-production-to-start/” target=”_blank”>Juke-R, the Franco-Japanese company announced that its http://freshnessmag.com/2011/11/29/nissan-juke-nismo-concept-video/” target=”_blank”>Juke NISMO concept will also take part at this year’s http://lemans.org/en” target=”_blank”>Le Mans 24-Hour festivities, but as a full fledged production model. A … READ MORE


Nissan DeltaWing Racer – First Public Demonstration | Video

As far fetched as it seemed at first, the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/03/14/nissan-deltawing-racer-for-2012-le-mans-24-hours-batmobile-like-experimental-race-car/” target=”_blank”>Nissan DeltaWing Racer soared among the safety barriers and grand stand of http://sebringraceway.com” target=”_blank”>Sebring race track last week. Unlike any other race cars, or road going vehicles in fact, the DeltaWing Racer is as cutting edge as … READ MORE


Nissan DeltaWing Racer for 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours | “Batmobile-like Experimental Race Car”

Holy Cow Batman! Its a real-life Batmobile! But with all humorous references aside, this is indeed a functioning race car set to appear on the stories raceway of http://lemans.org/en” target=”_blank”>Le Mans 24 Hours this Summer. While several car makers, including freshnessmag.com/2012/02/29/audi-r18-e-tron-quattro-diesel-hybrid-for-2012-le-mans-24-hours/” target=”_blank”>Audi, have already announced the deployment … READ MORE


Audi R18 e-tron Quattro Diesel Hybrid For 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

The perfect platform to demonstrate its e-tron hybrid powertrain, German auto maker http://audiusa.com” target=”_blank”>Audi announced it will be fielding its Audi R18 e-tron Quattro diesel hybrid LMP1 in this year’s http://lemans.org/en” target=”_blank”>24 Hours of Le Mans, auto world’s most prestigious endurance race. Initial plans to create the … READ MORE


Toyota TS030 HYBRID New LMP1 Race Car For 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

Such is the circle of fortune. Just days after http://peugeot.com” target=”_blank”>Peugeot’s announcement of its exit from the Le Mans racing circuit, citing the racing program’ financial constraints as the cause, http://toyota.com” target=”_blank”>Toyota made a public statement today about the company’s entry to this year’s http://lemans.org/en” target=”_blank”>Le Mans … READ MORE


BMW M3 GT2 Art Car by Jeff Koons 1:18 Scale Model | Available Now

Yes, its deja vu all over again, just on a smaller scale this time around. From the creative mind that brought you large horticulture puppy and ballon animals in aluminum, artist http://jeffkoons.com” target=”_blank”>Jeff Koons partners with http://bmw.com” target=”_blank”>BMW this holiday season for a gift idea suitable for … READ MORE


Audi R8 V8 Limited Edition Celebrating 10th Le Mans Victory

In celebration of its recent victory at the 24 hours of http://lemans.org/en/” target=”_blank”>Le Mans, http://progress.audiusa.com/” target=”_blank”>Audi will be offering a new R8 V8 Limited Edition coupe. The standard equipment is impressive: magnetic ride adaptive suspension, satellite navigation, http://bang-olufsen.com/” target=”_blank”>Bang and Olufsen audio, a unique interior lighting setup … READ MORE


Audi – A Day In The Life Of An Audi Drive | Video With Allan McNish

By now, the name “Allan McNish” is becoming indistinguishable to the horrendous crash at the start of http://lemans.org/en” target=”_blank”>Le Mans 24 Hours., when his ../2010/12/15/audi-new-audi-r18-for-2011-le-mans-24-hours/” target=”_blank”>Audi R18 TDI #3 slammed against the barrier and literally disintegrated. But http://allanmcnish.com/” target=”_blank”>Allan McNish is also known as a skillful driver … READ MORE


Audi R18 Won 24 Hours Of Le Mans Despite 2 Horrific Crashes | Event Recap

Behind his stoic posture, Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, head of http://audiusa.com” target=”_blank”>Audi Motorsport, was very concern. Not only his competitors at http://peugeot.com” target=”_blank”>Peugeot weren’t letting up, he lost 2 of his 3 http://freshnessmag.com/2010/12/15/audi-new-audi-r18-for-2011-le-mans-24-hours/” target=”_blank”>Audi R18 TDI, new bastions to lead Audi’s dominance in http://lemans.org/en” target=”_blank”>Le Mans. The worst … READ MORE