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St. Pancras Station – 33-Foot Tall Christmas Tree Made From LEGO

London’s St Pancras International railway station is ringing in the holidays with a Christmas tree made entirely from LEGOs. Measuring 33 feet tall and constructed with over 600,000 bricks, the tree features a thousand ornaments hanging off 172 branches (among the decorations are special cubes adorned with a … READ MORE


Hans Andersson – Time Twister: LEGO Mindstorms Digital Clock | Video

Its quite easy to dismiss LEGO as a mere toy for kids. At the hands of those with technical aptitudes and the unassuming plastic connector set becomes stuff of science fiction. After his Tilted Twister 2.0, an automated Rubik’s Cube solver created from LEGO Mindstorms, Swedish programmer … READ MORE


Kooberz Studios – “Bricks of War” LEGO Animation | LEGO Meets Gears of War 3

Grease up the chainsaw bayonet on your Lancer Assault Rifle, we are going on a Locust hunt! The latest from animator Alex Kobbs is Bricks of War, the life and death epic of Gears of War 3, played out on the set of LEGO miniatures. With some … READ MORE


LEGO – Life of George | Brick Building Game For iPhone

Need a way to train your brick laying skill? Or want venue where you can finally claim the title “Fastest Builder of the West”? Life of George may just be your solution. While we are talking about “construction” here, it is another kind, a miniaturize one. You … READ MORE


LEGO – Life-Size Pixelated Ford Explorer | Video

If you’ve ever had occasion to wonder how many LEGO bricks it would take to assemble a full-sized Ford Explorer, you’re in luck — the answer is 380,000. More pertinent facts: it takes 22 designers over 2,500 hours to complete the build, and the replica vehicle would … READ MORE


LEGO – Augmented Reality Packaging | Video

In a few years, “buyer’s remorse” will be a thing of the past, at least when it comes to buying LEGO sets. During last week’s Intel Developer Forum 2011 in San Francisco, engineers at Intel presented their latest image recognition technology. With the help of LEGO, packaging … READ MORE


LEGO – Nike MAG 2011 Replica | By Orion Pax

A consolation prize to the majority of us who couldn’t get our very own pairs of 2011 Nike MAG comes in the form of what else but LEGO bricks. A concept devised by LEGO-meister “Orion Pax” just before the Nike MAG charity auction came to a close … READ MORE

Lego Models Remade for Icon Issue 098

Lego Models Remade for Icon Issue 098

For its special “Toys” issue, architecture and design magazine Icon asked seven prominent London architects to choose one of the iconic buildings from LEGO’s Architecture series and reinterpret it. Five of the seven selected Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright landmark, while the remaining two opted for the … READ MORE


Apple iPhone 4 Brick Case – Compatible With LEGO Brick System | Available Now

Its borderline absurdity that  in a way makes this the perfect gift for any LEGO meister. Made from durable ABS plastic, the iPhone Brick Case not only protects your precious Apple iPhone 4 from those inevitable drops and occasional toss. It also performs one function – a … READ MORE


LEGO – LEGOLAND California Staff Pranks General Manager With Pixelated VOLVO XC90 | Video

This will definitely make the 2011 list of memorable practical jokes and pranks. As Peter Ronchetti, the General Manager of LEGOLAND California, pulled into his usual parking spot Monday morning, he was to become the target of his subordinates’ prank as they “upgraded” his VOLVO XC60 with a … READ MORE


JeanYves Lemoigne – X-Rated LEGO Sets

With just your imagination, these little plastic bricks will realize facsimiles of your dreams, even the “dirty ones”. As part of his 2008 series, PIXXXEL, for Amusement Magazine, photographer JeanYves Lemoigne surveyed the decadence of human creativity and quite literally redefine the term “playmates” with model in … READ MORE