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LEGO – Nike MAG 2011 Replica | By Orion Pax

A consolation prize to the majority of us who couldn’t get our very own pairs of 2011 Nike MAG comes in the form of what else but LEGO bricks. A concept devised by LEGO-meister “Orion Pax” just before the Nike MAG charity auction came to a close … READ MORE

Lego Models Remade for Icon Issue 098

Lego Models Remade for Icon Issue 098

For its special “Toys” issue, architecture and design magazine Icon asked seven prominent London architects to choose one of the iconic buildings from LEGO’s Architecture series and reinterpret it. Five of the seven selected Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright landmark, while the remaining two opted for the … READ MORE


Apple iPhone 4 Brick Case – Compatible With LEGO Brick System | Available Now

Its borderline absurdity that  in a way makes this the perfect gift for any LEGO meister. Made from durable ABS plastic, the iPhone Brick Case not only protects your precious Apple iPhone 4 from those inevitable drops and occasional toss. It also performs one function – a … READ MORE


LEGO – LEGOLAND California Staff Pranks General Manager With Pixelated VOLVO XC90 | Video

This will definitely make the 2011 list of memorable practical jokes and pranks. As Peter Ronchetti, the General Manager of LEGOLAND California, pulled into his usual parking spot Monday morning, he was to become the target of his subordinates’ prank as they “upgraded” his VOLVO XC60 with a … READ MORE


JeanYves Lemoigne – X-Rated LEGO Sets

With just your imagination, these little plastic bricks will realize facsimiles of your dreams, even the “dirty ones”. As part of his 2008 series, PIXXXEL, for Amusement Magazine, photographer JeanYves Lemoigne surveyed the decadence of human creativity and quite literally redefine the term “playmates” with model in … READ MORE


LEGO – Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Perhaps one of the most coveted and iconic cars in the world, the Lamborghini Gallardo is not the most produced model to date by Lamborghini for no reason. It has been lauded in lyrics, and is perhaps the first symbol of both speed and luxury that little … READ MORE


LEGO Star Wars Bombad Bounty Mini Movie | Video

Who would have thought that Jar Jar Binks’ mop water would be the downfall of the great Lord Vader? In the new dimension of Star Wars, one built out of LEGO blocks, everything is cuter, smaller, and funnier. Even laser gun fights don’t seem so deadly. Cue … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 10/18/2010 – 10/23/2010

Three times a year, Apple wows its fans with fresh releases, secure old loyalties, and rope in new converts. This year, following announcements of the iPhone 4 and the new generations of the iPod, Apple goes back to Mac this week and introduced the new OSX Lion, … READ MORE


LEGO DIY Follow Focus Control For Canon EOS 5D Mark II HDSLR

The advent of digital SLR still cameras with the ability to record HD video, like the Canon 5D Mark II, has been a crucial game changer in both the fields of photography and videography. It also became an equalizer of sort, level the playing field between amateur … READ MORE


Dee & Ricky – CHANEL Lipstick In LEGO Blocks | Available Now

On the subject of limited edition goods for girls, check out these new CHANEL lipstick creations from the LEGO dynamo twins, Dee & Ricky. Though no words on how authentic they are, but judging from the “Cross-C” logo, it looks real enough. Limited to only 50 units, … READ MORE


LEGO Mini Figure Crayons

Ingenuity exists everywhere in the world, and as the wise had once said, if you have a good idea, at least 10 other people have the same. The key to success though, lies in execution. In this case, perhaps many of us had wondered, “What if the … READ MORE