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uniform experiment x Leica D-LUX 5

  A successor to the D-LUX 4, the introduction of Leica D-LUX 5 last year assured the camera maker’s position in the point-&-shoot market with its 10-megapixel sensor, 24-90mm zoom lens, and the ability to record 720p AVCHD videos. In their reverences to the brand and the … READ MORE


BLACK Design Associates – Leica i9 Concept Camera For Apple iPhone 4

With “Compliment without Compromise” as its design philosophy, BLACK Design Associates, a product development firm, made an effort in seamlessly merging of attributes not found elsewhere but on the Apple iPhone 4 and Leica camera system. What they came away with was the Leica i9 Concept Camera, … READ MORE


Complete Technique x Leica M8 Pendant | Preview

Following a stint as part of Casio G-Shock marketing campaign, jewelry designer Osamu Koyama of Complete Technique returned to his Brooklyn workshop in the hopes to realize a design long on his mind, the coveted M8 camera from Leica. The resulted pendants, after several months of casting … READ MORE

leica xi bmw le camera summary

Leica X1 BMW Edition

Leica, the marquis German camera maker, has a history stretching back to 1914, when Oskar Barnack created the Ur-Leica, and the brand quickly revolutionized small scale photography. In recent decades, the label has become synonymous with what might be termed luxury photography. It’s a relatively small market … READ MORE


The Making Of Leica M9 | Video

With market share, production capacity, bottom line, and other marketing mumbo jumbo on the minds of most business executives, it is quite difficult to find a company that still values the finite points of creating a work of art. It is harder still to find such company … READ MORE


Leica M9 Limited Edition – Silver Chrome & Ostrich Leather | Available Now

Originally listed as the “Neiman Marcus Edition” and part of the department store’s fanciful Christmas catalog, the Leica M9 Limited Edition – in Silver Chrome & Ostrich Leather, is now available at select Leica retailers nationwide. One of only 50 units produced (the one shown here is … READ MORE


Leica S1 – Leica’s First Digital Camera | Circa 1996

Not to long ago, 14 years to be exact, Leica introduced its first digital camera, the S1, to the world. While comparatively inferior to the econo point & shoot spammed across the market now, the S1 had some revolutionary functions, even by today’s standards. The digital scanning … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 10/25/2010 – 10/29/2010

Here is to the Halloween weekend, and to taking a day out of the entire year to finally be dressed up with no qualms or reservations about what you want to be. This week, Freshness has started another cycle of our giveaways with a new partnership with … READ MORE


Leica M9 Titanium – By Walter de’Silva | Detailed Look

When it was announced at Photokina 2010, last month in Cologne, Germany, many pondered about one thing and one thing only – what took Leica so long? What they implied was the announced Lecia M9 Titanium by Walter de’Silva . Based on the venerable model, the new … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 09/20/2010 – 09/24/2010

Just as the folks in New York City are recovering from the recently wrapped New York Fashion Week, the Alexander Wang bootie-clad army of editors and buyers fled the city and moved their actions and sharp opinions to Milan and London. Meanwhile, heels and bowties aside, the … READ MORE


Volkswagen Group x Leica M9 Titanium | By Walter de’Silva

With one of the largest photography trade show, Photokina 2010, underway in Cologne, Germany, Leica announced several new entries to both compact and DSLR camera markets. One noted exception would be the Lecia M9 Titanium. Based on the venerable model, the new Lecia M9 Titanium was created … READ MORE