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Lexus LS 600h L – Landaulet For Monaco Royal Wedding

The occasion of a royal wedding is always heralded by extravagance and pageantry, and in the case of Prince Albert of Monaco’s upcoming nuptials, this tenet definitely applies to the wedding limo. On July 2, after Prince Albert exchanges vows with Charlene Wittstock, the happy couple will … READ MORE


Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid Concept | Behind The Scene Video

Intended as a concept only, though in its press release, luxury auto maker Lexus hinted that features shown on the LF-Gh Hybrid will resonate in other Lexus vehicles in the near future. Perhaps it was another way of saying “to be in production soon…”. Making its debut … READ MORE


Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package

A total of 33 left turns and 40 right ones, the Nürburgring is by far one of the most difficult auto race track in the world. But because of its coveted and sometime vicious nature as a widow-maker, the 12.9 miles that surrounds Nürburg Castle is a … READ MORE


Lexus CT 200h F Sport

Cars with hybrid powerplant do not usually equate to speed, but Lexus is about to change that notion this year with the CT200h. But before the official launch, the automaker unveiled the F Sport model at this week’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Based on the F series, a … READ MORE

Hiromu Naruse

Lexus – Hiromu Naruse Tribute | Video

Toyota veteran Hiromu Naruse once said ‘the flavor of a car is created on the track’ and he had continued to inspire and shape the sports cars that came out from Toyota for over forty seven years. A true motor sport enthusiast with a passionate heart, Naruse … READ MORE


Lexus – “World’s Most Advanced” Driving Simulator | Video

This 56 foot device rests on lengthy tracks that can move in both axes, looking deceivingly like a space lifted from a sci-fi movie. It tilts back and forth, and can move at a leisurely coast or a break-neck speed up to 186 mph. This is not … READ MORE


Lexus x Tumi – Lexus LFA Luggage Collection

Speed, power, and a magical, magnetic ability to impress, super cars are quite the coveted automobile for those exact reasons. Sure, things may seem perfect, but as any owner of a turbo-charged two-seater can tell you, traveling in it is a hassle with the barely-there trunk space … READ MORE


Lexus Commercial – LFA

We can tell you that the new Lexus LFA (Lexus’ super car) is built with a 4.8 L V10 engine,has 345lbft of torque, revs up to 9,000 RPM and can sweep from 0-62mph in a mere 3.7s. And, we can even tell you that in comparison to … READ MORE


Lexus – LFA Special Edition

A special edition of the Lexus LFA has surfaced with preliminary images giving indication of the modification to the vehicle. As far as the aesthetics are concerned, the sports car is modded with a front lip spoiler, canards, rear wing, custom wheels and special limited edition color … READ MORE


Lexus LFA – Official Pricing Announcement

Its unfortunate that lost in the midst of Toyota‘s woes last week was the official pricing announcement on the automaker’s first exotic car, the LFA from its premium brand Lexus. Right after Toyota axed production of its Supra coupe in 2002 (1998 in the US), car enthusiasts … READ MORE


Lexus – IS F Circuit Club Sport Concept

In the recent 2010 Tokyo Autosalon, Lexus have launched the IS F Circuit Club Sport (CCS) which is the lightweight version of the popular sports sedan. The concept vehicle is covered in bright orange paintwork that is attention grabbing to say the least. Amid the exterior and … READ MORE