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Nissan GTR Tuned By Liberty Walk 00

Nissan GTR Tuned | By Liberty Walk

Just as we thought Japanese tuning house, Liberty Walk, had outdone themselves with the Ferrari 458 tune, they hit us with another stunning modification. The Nissan GTR is a beastly coupe off the factory floor, yet this aftermarket tune up radically changes its already-aggressive exterior. As wide … READ MORE

Ferrari 458 Tuned By Liberty Walk 04

Ferrari 458 Tuned | By Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk is certain not your average tuning house. The Japanese company is known for their radical wide body kits, and unconventional riveted wide fenders. Even though this type of tuning is common amongst street racers in Japan, the company caters exclusively for exotic cars and sports … READ MORE


BMW M3 Modified | by Liberty Walk

BMW M3 mods were always special projects, but with the announcement that the final M3 coupe was rolling off of the assembly line to make way for the M4 in early July, these Bimmers just got even sweeter. Now that we got that settled, car lovers have two paths … READ MORE