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INSA – Montreal Exhibition | Event Recap

As we reported earlier, http://yveslaroche.com”>Yves Laroche Gallery successfully opened the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/08/28/insa-new-exhibition-in-montreal-video/”>solo exhibition for prolific UK artist http://insaland.com/”>INSA last week. The compact gallery space soon filled with eager fans waiting to see the newest creation from the British artist. A series of freshly produced works welcomed visitors, combining originals … READ MORE


INSA – New Exhibition in Montreal | Video

British artist http://insaland.com/”>INSA has returned to North America to complete a huge outdoor mural again. However, this time he has touched down in Montreal, Canada for a solo exhibition. http://lndmrk.ca/”>LNDMRK was responsible for curating this show, which will open tonight at http://yveslaroche.com”>Yves Laroche Gallery from 6pm. All … READ MORE