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Logan Hicks – “Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors” Exhibition Recap | Video

Although there are countless artists who use stencils as their key medium, http://loganhicks.com/”>Logan Hicks is one of the few artists who have actually mastered the complex technique of very detailed, multi-layered stencil painting. The evolution of Hicks is a particularly fascinating one, where he started to explore the … READ MORE


Logan Hicks – “Toe The Line” P.S. 132 Benefit Art Auction

Plenty of parents may complain about the not-so-ideal conditions in their public schools, yet one Brooklyn-based artist is taking matters into his own hands. Upon hearing about budget cuts in his son, Sailor’s school, http://workhorsevisuals.com”>Logan Hicks, decided to pool variety of artworks from friends to raise funds … READ MORE


Logan Hicks – “Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors” Exhibition | Los Angeles

It is not extreme to claim that stencil art derived from street artists. Although, as http://loganhicks.com/”>Logan Hicks made a name for himself as a stencil artist, the stencil game has been elevated to a completely new level. There is no artist in the world who has mastered … READ MORE