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Lomography Lomo’Instant Camera – The World’s Most Creative Instant Photography System

From something purely digital to a relatively analog gadget. Thanks to its previous Kickstarter successes on the Smartphone Film Scanner and the Petzval Lens, camera maker Lomography is looking to the crowdfunding platform for help in bringing its next concept into fruition. Essentially a Lomography camera and … READ MORE


Where’s Waldo x Lomography – La Sardina Wally Watcher Camera

Waldo, affectionately known in some parts of the world as Wally, was a happy-go-lucky character of Where’s Waldo and Where’s Wally comic series. British illustrator, Martin Handford, drew the very intricate illustrations. Lomography partnered with Wally for a brand new version of their La Sardina analogue camera … READ MORE


Lomography – Petzval DSLR/SLR Portrait Lens

In a similar manner to how DSLR cameras have revolutionized modern photography, the Petzval lens revolutionized the personal analog camera back in the 19th Century. Originally designed and produced in 1840 by Russian mathematician Joseph Petzval, this lens became the fastest lens of the time, shooting at … READ MORE


Lomography – Konstruktor 35mm DIY SLR Camera

With abundance of DSLR available on the market currently, SLR cameras are still untapped by many novice photographers. As usual, Lomography is trying to highlight the fun of taking photographs with film. This Konstruktor is the world’s first 35mm SLR camera kit. A little more sophisticated than … READ MORE


“Two Decades of Analogue Love” Book | By Lomography

We have followed the progress of the 20th anniversary celebration of Lomography for some time now, and this new book, entitled Two Decades of Analogue Love, gives an unprecedented look at the development of the brand. Leading the way for toy cameras and bucking the trends with … READ MORE


Lomography – Gold Edition

Just 10 days ago, Lomography announced their 20th Anniversary Champagne Edition, for their much celebrated anniversary. Now, the analogue, toy camera maker unveils their Gold Edition. Metallic gold color covers the majority of the gadget, leaving few silver and white areas for contract. Cameras included in this … READ MORE


Lomography – 20th Anniversary Champagne Edition

It is tough enough to keep businesses afloat in today’s turbulent economy, let alone sustain growth for over two decades. Lomography proves that film cameras are still mighty and in high demand. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the team “broke out” the champagne. Four iconic Lomography cameras … READ MORE


Lomography – LomoKino Maker iPhone App

Lomography is making the most of the digital technology to broaden the capabilities of their analogue film cameras. In particular, the development of the LomoKino Maker App for the iPhone can transfer the 35mm negative movie shot by the LomoKino into a positive digital video. Attach the … READ MORE


Lomography – City Guide: London

In a city as diverse as London, sprawling with communities and cultures, it is hard to get a grasp of what to do on a short holiday. The English capital is attraction attention from the world due to the Olympics, yet Lomography is shining a light on … READ MORE


Lomography – La Sardina DIY Camera

While digital cameras thrive in the technological arena, Lomography is sticking to its roots by pushing the boundaries of analogue technology. Instead of adding technological advancements, this latest film camera from Lomography enables personalization by its owners. The La Sardina DIY Camera can be taken apart by … READ MORE


Lomography – Fisheye Baby 110 Camera

Lomography have produced countless toy cameras, and one of their most popular models is their Fisheye Camera. By no means is the original Fisheye Camera a bulky gadget, though its newest sibling, the Fisheye Baby 110 Camera, is only a fraction of its size. The much more … READ MORE