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Long Live Southbank - Chad Muska Interview Video

Long Live Southbank – “Chad Muska Interview” | Video

Long Live Southbank is at a crossroad with their volunteer effort to preserve the most well known skateboard spot in UK. They have been fighting and petitioning against the Southbank Center owners to stop demolition of the unofficial skate park. The legendary Chad Muska is the latest … READ MORE

Long Live Southbank The Bigger Picture Video

Long Live Southbank – “The Bigger Picture” | Video

For over 40 years, Southbank has fostered a culture of skateboarding in London. Now, this world famous skateboarding spot is under threat of being bulldozed to make way for a shopping mall. Skateboarders and many Londoners are outraged at the plans to wipe out the landmark, and … READ MORE


Long Live Southbank – #SaveSouthBank Campaign

Southbank is a very famous spot in London, home to skateboarders and BMXers for over four decades. Anyone involved in the above-mentioned sports would instantly recognize the spot, which was not originally intended to be used as a skate park. Over time, it became a haven for … READ MORE