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Stadium Jacket 2010

Loopwheeler – 2010 Stadium Jacket | Preview

The stadium jacket from Loopwheeler is one of the crowd’s favorites from the Japanese brand, and Loopwheeler has just finished up the sample of the 2010 stadium jacket. The standout feature of the jacket is undoubtedly the patches covering the front and side angles. Four individually designed … READ MORE

OriginalFake x Loopwheeler

OriginalFake x Loopwheeler – Hoodie

Quality is one word that comes to mind when speaking about these two brands, OriginalFake and Loopwheeler. The two brands have worked on a collaboration project that combines the best of both brands. The staple hoodie style is one of the popular items from Loopwheeler and its … READ MORE


OriginalFake x Loopwheeler – Fall/Winter 2010 | Hoodie + New Era

Loopwheeler is no stranger to collaboration, and especially not with KAWS’ OriginalFake. For Fall/Winter 2010, the duo has created some soft-spun hoodies as well as New Era caps in a very cool, but wooly grey. The New Era five-panel caps come blazed with KAWS’ signature “XX” eyes. … READ MORE


Loopwheeler 11th Anniversary T-Shirt | Available Now

It has been 11 years since Loopwheeler has been in business, and that also means that the world has been enjoying the grace of the soft spun fleece from Loopwheeler looms for more than a decade as well. To celebrate 11 years of being in business and … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x Nike – Summer 2010 – Pocket Hoodie

The active ones who actually run and bike around in hoodies can tell you, the front pockets on hoodies are not exactly the safest places to hold your belongings, especially something weighty like cellphone or keys. Or anything in general. To curb the problem of dropping and … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x Nike Sportswear – Brasil Black Pack

The information of the Brasil Black Pack had been reported and as part of the pack was the two items that were made in conjunction with Loopwheeler. Nike Sportswear and Loopwheeler have had a good relationship for many years and they have produced the Black Brasil Crew … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x OriginalFake – Zip-Up Hoodie

In the past few seasons, Loopwheeler’s softly spun fleece hoodies have become one of the favorite canvases for collaboration. After a high-profile venture with Nike in reviving the AW77 through Loopwheeler looms, Loopwheeler is kicking off 2010 with full force with OriginalFake. As previously previewed, the Loopwheeler … READ MORE


Loopwheeler for BEAMS+ – Camouflage Hoodie

Loopwheeler is back again working with BEAMS+ for a special collaboration Camouflage Hoodie. The photos you see in front of you is a sample only but it reveals the amount of details gone into each piece from custom camouflage pattern with Loopwheeler and BEAMS+ names integrated inside … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x OriginalFake – Zip-Up Hoodie

As a part of the label’s Spring/Summer 2010 delivery, OriginalFake has partnered up with the Japanese maestro of looms, Loopwheeler to put the latter’s signature soft and delicately spun fleece into OriginalFake’s popular zip-up hoodie. The casual zip-up hoodie crafted from Loopwheeler fleece is stamped with KAWS’ … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x Nike Sportswear – LOOPWHEELER For Nike One Zip PK Crew

As part of the Spring 2010 collection from LOOPWHEELER For Nike, several colorways of One Zip PK Crew have dropped. It is a back to basics model that does not feature any elaborate graphics but made plain to put attention back to the fabric itself. There is … READ MORE


Loopwheeler for BEAMS+ – Shibuya Store Limited Crew Sweat

Loopwheeler and BEAMS are starting the new year with the Loopwheeler for BEAMS+ project especially made for their Shibuya Store in Tokyo. There are two versions made with one being the black/heather grey (pictured) and the other heather grey/navy colorways of a basic crew sweat. The sweat … READ MORE