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Loopwheeler – Deer Hoodie | Release Information

Just dropped today as the first release of 201o from Loopwheeler is a new version of the beloved Deer Hoodie. Last year, Loopwheeler adopted deerskin onto Loopwheeler spun ultra-soft fleece hoodies as parts of the pocket. This year, Loopwheeler played with variation and adapted the deerskin patches … READ MORE


Loopwheeler – 10th Anniversary Stadium Jackets

Known for their extra soft cotton weaving Loopwheeler have already been in business for 10 years and to commemorate the occasion they have produced a new rearrangement of their popular Stadium Jacket or Varsity Jacket as commonly known in the US. In the past they have produced … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x Steiff | Release Today

After months of preview, closer look, release information updates, the Loopwheeler x Steiff Teddy Bear is now finally available for purchase. Featuring everything previously discussed such as the miniature Loopwheeler hoodie with a specially designed embroidered crest patch which pays homage to both Japan and Germany, the … READ MORE


Loopwheeler X Steiff – Full-Sized Hoodie | Release Information

Got the teddy dressed in Loopwheeler’s specially loomed and ultra soft hoodie, and feeling a slight case of envy towards your furry buddy? Loopwheeler and Steiff decided to recreate the hoodied donned by Germany plush toy maker’s stuffed bear for human beings. Featuring all the details as … READ MORE


Loopwheeler X Steiff | Release Information

As previously introduced, Loopwheeler collaborated with German plush toy maker, Steiff, to dress one of their iconic furry buddies in some equally snuggly Loopwheeler hoodies. While the previous post features a half-completed sample, this time around the images are updated. Still featuring the same embroidery patches that … READ MORE


Nike TPE 6453 – This Is My Hood AW77 Exhibition

Now, as in before, the goal was always task specific how to best protect athletes from the changing weather? The solution came from Geoff Hollister, known as the 3rd Nike employee to be hired as well as the “Father of Nike Windrinner”. While in the midst of … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear – AW77 Customization Truck | LA

Give your Loopwheeler spun AW77 hoodie some well deserved TLC with some personalized customization. Nike Sportswear will be cruising Los Angeles in a Nike Sportswear AW77 Customization Truck for the month of October. While BLENDS just had their run with the program, the truck will be hitting … READ MORE


Loopwheeler X Nike Sportswear – HO09 Collection – One Zip Crew

Other than the rivalry tees from Japan’s Loopwheeler for Nike Sportswear, the One Zip Crew due to drop on the same day as the tees is a great pull over for men after a rigorous game of football. The crew neck sweatshirts are produced with uncompromising Loopwheeler … READ MORE


Loopwheeler X Nike Sportswear – HO09 Collection – Football Tee

Still playing off the big theme of rivalry this season, Team LPWR (Loopwheeler) and Team BVTN (homage to Nike’s hometown, Beaverton) throws down with some team football tees. Both Team LPWR and Team BVTN come in two colorways– black on black and white on blue– and both … READ MORE


Loopwheeler x Nike Sportswear – Holiday 2009 – Stadium Jacket/Varsity Jacket

For the Holiday 2009 collection, Nike worked once again with Japanese manufacturer/brand Loopwheeler to produce couple of Stadium Jackets/Varsity Jackets. Both of these items will drop this Thursday, October 8th at select retailers world wide. One colorway is mahogany/obsidian with teal accents while the other is basic … READ MORE


Loopwheeler – Fall/Winter 2009 – Scarves | New Release

Newly released from Loopwheeler are not hoodies, but another important winter staple- scarves (or mufflers, as the Japanese have it). The new collection of neck wear from Loopwheeler come in different patterns and colorways that go either basic or basic bright, so everything is just rightly balanced– … READ MORE