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LRG Artist Driven – Asia Tour: Hong Kong | Video

As part of a two part series, LRG Artist Driven team members Pose, Vizie, and Steel headed east to find inspiration and share their passion for graffiti with local writers. The first part of the journey took them to Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, and this second part … READ MORE


LRG Summer 2012 Collection | Delivery 1

LRG’s unofficial tagline for their Summer 2012 collection is “Beast out!” What better way to live up to that rallying cry than to assemble a poolside party with LRG team rider Tommy Sandoval, hip hop duo the Cool Kids and the hard partying cast from Comedy Central’s … READ MORE


LRG Artist Driven: F@ck The Buff – Creativity Is King | Video

What’s the “buff?” It’s the brown roller paint that’s used to cover up graffiti. It’s the suppression of color and expression, the drowning out of a distinct voice with a monotonous drone. “F**k the Buff/Creativity Is King” is the latest video in LRG’s Artist Driven series, featuring … READ MORE


LRG – “Letting The Kids Play” | Video

A new promotional video from LRG (or Lifted Research Group) directed by Daniel Duarte and Kyle Camarillo, highlights the importance of play to keep your inner child going. The clip stars Elan Watson, Karl Watson, Alex Brenes and Chico Brenes, and depicts two friendly rivals engaged in … READ MORE


NRML x LRG Letterman Jacket

Canada’s NRML will enjoy its 15th anniversary in 2012, and to celebrate, the streetwear retailer has gotten together with LRG on an exclusive limited edition Letterman Jacket. Crafted from heavyweight black wool, the garment features snap-button closure, warm quilted lining and contrast striped ribbing at the cuff … READ MORE


LRG Artist Driven: Los Salvajes In Puerto Rico | Video

Visit any travel site about vacationing in Puerto Rico and you’ll encounter warnings about La Perla, a small seaside neighborhood in historic Old San Juan. A barrio notorious for its poverty and high crime rate, La Perla is just the kind of setting photojournalist KC Ortiz prefers … READ MORE


LRG x KC Ortiz – Limited Edition “Los Salvajes” Photo Book

Chicago-based photojournalist KC Ortiz describes the focus of his work as casting a light on the world’s forgotten and overlooked. His mission has taken him to remote regions throughout the Third World, where the common currency is hopelessness and violence. He’s documented the Hmong insurgency in Laos … READ MORE


LRG x Pose One x IronLax Limited Edition Spray Can | Available Now

A reminder its never to far from its roots, Lifted Research Group (or simply known as LRG) along with graffiti artist Pose One formulated a special spray can in honor LRG famous “Green Beast” – the Scumbag Smoking Giraffe. Produced in part by Australian paint company IronLak, … READ MORE


LRG x FALLEN Coronado | Available Now

Skater Tommy Sandoval’s pro-model shoes from FALLEN Footwear underwent a make-over recently, courtesy of LRG. The exclusive re-design left all of the functional aspects intact while “went to town” with its appearance. In a layering of 2-tone denim, LRG also added accents in its signature green and … READ MORE


Entree – Tribute Wall To Jonas Bevacqua & LRG Family | Video

its been a week since the unexpected death of Jonas Bevacqua, the designer best known for his entrepreneur spirit in creating the Lifted Research Group, or LRG. While the world still reeling from the shock, tributes and condolences are flooding in. This includes Brooklyn-base clothing label entree, … READ MORE

Robert Right of Lrg,Bun B and Jonas Bevacqua of Lrg

R.I.P. – Jonas Bevacqua 1977 – 2011 | Founder of LRG

Jonas with Diddy during Magic, 2007 When I heard the news earlier this morning, I didn’t want to believe it. But as twitter filled with words of remembrance for the founder of LRG Jonas Bevacqua, the shock finally hit. Our prayers and thoughts go out to  friends … READ MORE