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Stussy x LUMINOX – Field Military Watch | Available Now

Supplier to the US Army, Navy SEALs, and other branches of the armed forces, the same military grade build is now available on Stussy‘s latest collab with LUMINOX. Previewed late last year with its leather band counterpart, the Stussy x LUMINOX Field Military Watch features a scratch-resistant … READ MORE


nano universe x LUMINOX – Blackout Series

Japanese fashion boutique nano universe have partnered up with LUMINOX to produce a variety of limited edition Blackout Series watches. Consisting of three timepieces – 3051 Blackout Navy Seal Colormark Series, 3001 Blackout Navy Seal Series, and 1881 Blackout – each of the models are toned down … READ MORE


Stussy x Megabass x LUMINOX – Limited Edition Watch

Limited to 1000 sets only, the Stussy x Megabass x LUMINOX watch box set consists of a 3150 LUMINOX timepiece with both leather and rubber wrist straps. Stainless steel case with harden crystal glass and 100% carbon fiber dial face, the watch is water resistant up to … READ MORE


Stussy x LUMINOX – Field Military Watch

Stussy and LUMINOX have enjoyed numerous collaborations in the past, and they are teaming up again to finish off the year 2011 together. Officially launching this weekend, the Field Military Watch comes with two wrist band styles: the black leather belt and the khaki nylon strap. The … READ MORE


LUMINOX – 8800 Seabass Edition

Yesterday, we reported on the Stussy x LUMINOX x Megabass box set, and now it looks like LUMINOX Japan is making more watches for the seabass fishing market. Usually these watches are made for the US Navy Seals, meaning these will perform under the most demanding conditions. … READ MORE


Stussy x LUMINOX x Megabass – Limited Edition Box Set

Ordinarily, collaborations take place in one market segment yet this triple brand project shows the broad reach of the Stussy brand. Stussy are partnering with military grade watch maker, LUMINOX and bass fishing heavy weight Megabass to produce highly unique pieces. The limited edition box set includes … READ MORE

Luminox x Luker by Neighborhood Watch


Luminox is no stranger to the collaboration game; past partnerships have included a few LUMINOX x Stussy watches, and the diving watch company has produced a few Japan-exclusive models as well. LUMINOX has been served well by the popularity in recent years of watches reminiscent of the … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Stussy Survival Of The Fittest | Final Delivery Release Info

The start of the new also marks the end of the old, that is the way Stussy and A Bathing Ape see it as both wrap up their collaborative collection, Survival of the Fittest, on the very first day of 2011. To end the project on a … READ MORE

F-117 Nighthawk Series II

LUMINOX – F-117 Night Hawks Series II

Black is the brand color of LUMINOX, and this latest F-117 Night Hawks Series II watch is totally blacked out in the Blackout colorway. Just like the F-117 Nighthawk itself, the watch posses the stealthy yet aggressive styling by changing up the logo and making the dials … READ MORE

Navy Seals Color Chronograph Orange

LUMINOX – Navy Seals Color Chronograph 3080

Any guy will be intrigued by a product affiliated with “Navy Seals” in any way, and LUMINOX have designed a new chronograph watch that has the seal of approval from the impregnable Navy Seals. LUMINOX watches are already rugged and tough as they are used by the … READ MORE


LUMINOX – 3051 Blackout Edition

With the advancement of night vision optics, armed forces around the world, especially operators within the special operation branches, have adopted a new military doctrine whoever owns the night, wins the war. For this reason and the visually appealing aspect of it, timepiece maker LUMINOX designed the … READ MORE