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Muro x MACKDADDY – M2B2 Jacket

The man known around the world as King of Digging and one of the pioneers and godfathers of Japanese hip hop scene Muro have collaborated with MACKDADDY on this 100% wool number. The M2B2 jacket was loosely designed by Muro himself and MACKDADDY came through to lock down the fabics … READ MORE


MACKDADDY – Mack 65 Shirts

MACKDADDY from Tokyo have recently dropped this interesting shirt as a spot item for the 2009 Spring Summer collection. This shirt is a mix of military favourite, M65 jacket and fairly plain base fabrics that are common place in casual shirts. The key features are the 4 pockets on the … READ MORE

Casio x MACKDADDY – 10th Anniversary Data Bank

While most people today would associate G-Shock watches with Casio.  During most part of 1980s and 1990s, it was the Swiss Army knife-like Data Bank timepiece Casio was famous for.  Predates PDA, cellphone, and UMPC, Casio Data Bank was up to the task, from calculation, simple personal … READ MORE


Uniful x MACKDADDY – Unidaddy

Collaborations are common place these days however Japanese skateboard company Uniful and streetwear brand MACKDADDY have outdone themselves with these unique products. Most likely the first ever glow in the dark skateboard deck is finally available. Along with complimentary glow in the dark Unidaddy logo print T and the almost staple New … READ MORE

MACKDADDY x Helly Hansen - High-Tech Jacket

MACKDADDY x Helly Hansen – High-Tech Jacket

This high tech jacket by Japan’s MACKDADDY and Norway’s Helly Hansen includes all the seafaring technologies you will find on outfits of sailors competing in the Volvo Ocean Race, the most grueling and dangerous yacht race circuit (5 have died in its 32-year history). With breathable yet … READ MORE

Reebok x MACKDADDY x FLAUGE – Reverse Jam

Though commonly erred as the sneaker worn by Billy Hoyle, Woody Harrelson’s character in the 1992 comedy hit “White Man Can’t Jump”. The Reebok Reverse Jam still enjoy the status as one of the most popular basketball sneaker. As part of the 3 models exclusive offering by … READ MORE


Japanese music pioneer, DJ Muro, recently collaborated with apparel label MACKDADDY and footwear maker MADFOOT! in the design of the unique version of the MADMACK 7. Featuring Muro’s signature colors: green, red, & black, along with his logo on the upper front. It features the same hiking … READ MORE


MACKDADDY – 10th Anniversary BE@RBRICK

The celebration continues for Japanese label MACKDADDY as it celebrates the company’s 10th anniversary. As part of the commemoration, MACKDADDY and MEDICOM TOY created a special BE@RBRICK. Feature the original and a special 10th anniversary MACKDADDY logo. The red polka-dots on white BE@RBRICK is completely covered in … READ MORE



Japanese apparel label MACKDADDY just release its latest footwear, from an ongoing collaboration with footwear label MADFOOT! This 7th installment features hiking boot-like characteristics, such as padded uppers. But with a sneaker-like rubber sole and comfort. Making this an ideal combo for urban terrains. Comes in 2 … READ MORE


Representing Tokyo , MADFOOT! and MACKDADDY collaborated on the MAD “MCK” BASE LO. The color selection on the sneaker brings a crisp and bright image that MACKDADDY is known for. The sneaker tongue tab featured a statement: “6 years, 2 months, 2 days, 5 hours with MACKDADDY”. … READ MORE



This is the 6th installment of the MAD MACK collaboration between our friends at MADFOOT! and MACKDADDY. Featured hiking boot-like features, such as toughen leather and suede uppers, d-ring shoe lace system. But with a sneaker-like rubber sole and comfort. The MAD MACK is like a hybrid … READ MORE