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Made by Hand – “The Bike Maker” | Video

Handcrafted products, which have seen a strong resurgence with the rise of sites like etsy, are often times a dime a dozen at craft shows or easily dismissed as the hobby of those with far too much time and money than they know what to do with. Of course, there’s far … READ MORE


Made By Hand – The Cigar Shop | Video

The last Made By Hand video premiered in earlier this year, in March to be exact. After a semi-long hiatus, the crew is back with their episode entitled The Cigar Shop. Aroma of the hand rolled cigars almost seeps through the screen, as Jesus Martinez explains how … READ MORE


Made By Hand – The Beekeper | Video

Brooklyn’s Bureau of Common Goods is a film and digital content studio whose “Made by Hand” short film series profiles craftspeople who make things by hand — “sustainably, locally, and with a love of their craft.” The latest installment, directed by Keith Ehrlich, centers around Megan Paska, … READ MORE