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Representing Tokyo , MADFOOT! and MACKDADDY collaborated on the MAD “MCK” BASE LO. The color selection on the sneaker brings a crisp and bright image that MACKDADDY is known for. The sneaker tongue tab featured a statement: “6 years, 2 months, 2 days, 5 hours with MACKDADDY”. … READ MORE

MADFOOT! – Bootleg MAD KUN Polo

MADFOOT!‘s new addition to its apparel line for Summer 2007, the polo shirt features MADFOOT!’s new mascot, MAD KUN, a crazed squirrel in mad scientist outfit. The polo shirt comes white, gray, and black. Only available exclusively at eproze of ZOZOTOWN network and MADFOOT!’s online store. > … READ MORE


MADFOOT! x Optimystik – MAD ONE Exclusive

The recent start-up Japanese brand Optimystik joined with MADFOOT! once again, for their 2nd collaboration project – MAD ONE Optimystik Exclusive. Based on the MAD ONE model, this special edition is made of entirely white patent leather. However, a close-up look reveal patterns and lines on the … READ MORE

MADFOOT! – June Release Sneakers

MADFOOT! has updated their website with a new line-up for June, scheduled to be released on 16th 2007 in Japan. June line-up consists of 5 sneakers; MAD PROFESSOR (White/Mocha Asphault), MAD KINGSTON (White/Pastel Green), MAD WITNESS LOW (White/Purple/Sax), MAD PROFESSOR HIGH2 (White/Tri-color), MAD BASE MID (White/Green/Red). Check … READ MORE

Jun Watanabe x MADFOOT! Promo clip

Celebrating ZOZOTOWN’s Eproze 7th anniversary, produced an exclusive edition sneaker MADHANDS! collaborating with MADFOOT! and Jun Watanabe(Designer/ Illustrator). They are currently taking pre-orders until June 4th 10am, which is to be shipped until November 2007. We also have a promo clip For our viewers. Thanks Jun! FYI: … READ MORE

MADFOOT! – May 2007 Release Items

News just arrived in from our friend MADFOOT!, that they just released their goods for the month of May. The items consist of MAD BASE LO in 3 different colorways, MAD TEMPO, MAD WITNESS, and MAD PROFESSOR LO. Each model has its minor update to make the … READ MORE



This is the 6th installment of the MAD MACK collaboration between our friends at MADFOOT! and MACKDADDY. Featured hiking boot-like features, such as toughen leather and suede uppers, d-ring shoe lace system. But with a sneaker-like rubber sole and comfort. The MAD MACK is like a hybrid … READ MORE


New MADFOOT! @ atmos

Our friends at atmos just updated their inventory with 6 new MADFOOT! models. Check out MAD PROFESSOR, MAD WITNESS, MAD MONTY, MAD TEMPO, MAD BASE, and etc… in both hi and low models. For a closer look, check out Freshness’ in-depth look at the upcoming season. > … READ MORE

MADFOOT! – A/W 06-07 November Release

As Freshness introduced the whole MADFOOT! A/W 06-07 sneakers last month, They will be releasing 3 models out for the month of November. MAD DAAAM 1 – Reflector material peeping out beneath from the dot-hole changing its appearence day to night, MAD MONTY – As they fooled … READ MORE