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Maestro Knows – “Killing It Softly” | Trailer

Levi Maestro of Maestro Knows may have started his film making career making his very own skateboarding pitch video, and then proceeded to document his friends and things that interest him on film. In the past few years, his project and moniker, Maestro Knows, has evolved into … READ MORE


Maestro Knows – “It’s All For The Love” | Video

Both in the interest of the upcoming Nike World Basketball Festival and in simply making something creative, and less for the entertainment value. Done over a period of 24 hours, Levi Maestro of Maestro knows balls through the city, catches some pick up games in the city, … READ MORE


IN4MATION x Maestro Knows – Limited Edition IN4MAESTRO Skateboard | Preview

Before Levi Maestro discovered the wonders of camera, he first discovered the magic of pushing. As such, Hawaii’s In4mation has always been an important part of the skater/videographer’s life, and the duo share a kindred friendship. In4mation has been featured on Levi Maestro’s hit internet series, Maestro … READ MORE


adidas adiCup x Maestro Knows – Tour De Maestro | London

First and foremost, if you see a videographer running towards the action at this weekend’s adiCup in Herzogenaurach, wish him a “Happy Birthday”!  As the preparation for the anticipated final in adidas’s hometown gets underway, Maestro Knows published his latest account from the majestic Somerset House for … READ MORE


Levi Maestro x Shayan Afshar – Infinity Piece Bracelet

Despite popular belief, luxury isn’t about money or wealth, and neither is it about details or status. Luxury, is about time. It is about having the freedom to manipulate time to the way which pleases you. Everyone is born with the same amount of time, but time … READ MORE


adidas adiCup x Maestro Knows – Tour De Maestro | Berlin

It has been a few weeks since Maestro Knows embarked on the Tour de Maestro journey, following adidas adiCup and jetsetting through cities around the world, documenting the fiery competition that both fuels and is fueled by the 2010 FIFA World Cup fever, and bringing those of … READ MORE


adidas adiCup x Maestro Knows – Tour De Maestro | Tokyo

Here are somethings that score reports won’t tell you, despite the important information it might carry (like who gets to go to the adidas adiCup finals in Germany for instance)– that one should never mess with a Japanese soccer team with a magnetic game strategy board and … READ MORE


adidas adiCup x Maestro Knows – Tour De Maestro | NYC

Not too long ago, when Freshness had a chance to chat with Levi Maestro of Maestro Knows and attempted to get the self-taught videographer/skateboarding whiz to hint at what he will be up to this year, Maestro clandestinely asked if we liked soccer. At that time, we … READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 3 – Episode 7 (Estevan Oriol & Geoff Rowley)

Maestro gets unprecedentedly efficient with the latest episode of Maestro Knows, and for those of us who have been cranking our necks and hankering for a new episode, Maestro quells the wait by featuring two friends in one episode. For episode 7 of season 3, Maestro hangs … READ MORE


VANS Vault x MLB Limited Edition Boston Red Sox Authentic LX For BODEGA | Video by Levi Maestro

Re-live the rivalry once again this Summer as the New York Yankees battle it out for its 28th World Series title with the Boston Red Socks. So while NYC fans enjoyed their Eastern Sunday with NYC Stickball Tournament at Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer and a live telecast … READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 3 – Episode 6 (Johnny Cupcakes)

As a joke and a little bit of light-hearted irony, Maestro Knows embarked on his latest episode bearing a little confection– cupcakes for Johnny Cupcakes. The small LA Bakery (as Johnny Cupcakes names all his retail stores) occupies a quarter on the busy section… READ MORE