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Maestro Knows – Season 3 – Episode 2 (Mister Cartoon)

Right after visiting 9th Wonder and getting the intro to his new season set, Maestro of Maestro Knows returns of California and visits Mister Cartoon in downtown Los Angeles. Taking a ride in Mister Caroon’s low rider, Maestro learns about the quintessential tattoo artist   of Los … READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 3 – Episode 1 (9th Wonder)

Kicking start season 3, Maestro heads down to North Carolina and met up with 9th Wonder, one of the quintessential producers in Hip-Hop whose portfolio included Destiny’s Child and Jay-Z. Other than having North Carolina sandwiches and surviving the rainy weather, Maestro and 9th Wonder talked about … READ MORE


Maestro Knows – NYC Edition (13th Witness)

The latest episode of Maestro Knows takes us with Maestro through New York City on his last day of visit. As Maestro hung out with 13th Witness journeyed from Washington Square Park to Houston Street’s Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein billboard, then onward to Coney Island, the … READ MORE


Levi Maestro X Evil Monito – The Process – Profile: Eddie Cruz

Evil Monito Magazine enlisted the help of Levi Maestro (mastermind behind the Maestro Knows series) to create a new series of videos called The Process. For the series’ inaugural episode, Rickey Kim, the founder of Evil Monito Magazine, gave a brilliant profile of one… READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 2 – Episode 10 (Tokyo)

The latest Maestro Knows episode showcases Maestro in Tokyo, Japan as he takes visits to the fish market, Harajuku, and more along with Eric Koston, Atiba Jefferson, Ty Evans, Giovanni Reda, and Rip Zinger… READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 2 – Episode 9 (Nike Campus)

On Episode 9 of Maestro Knows Season 2, Maestro takes us on a tour of one of the most amazing places in the world, the Nike Campus. Levi Maestro is hosted by Nike Apparel Designer, Jarrett Reynolds, who helps Maestro customize a 1 of 1 Nike x Loopwheeler AW77 Hoodie… READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 2 – Episode 7 (South Africa)

Levi Maestro’s Maestro Knows is well into it’s second season and the latest episode details Maestro’s travels through South Africa. Maestro and his crew, consisting of Anthony Hamilton and BJ the Chicago Kid, travel through South Africa and document everything and anything during their short but eye … READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 2 Trailer

Levi Maestro came onto the scene this past year with his show, Maestro Knows, which is a video diary of his life in Los Angeles, showcasing some of today’s hottest brands as well as musicians and other influential people connected to our culture… READ MORE