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Nylon Field Mountain Parka

Maiden Noir – Nylon Field Mountain Parka

Maiden Noir have prepared a jet black high tech Nylon Field Mountain Parka for the cold seasons ahead. The three layer nylon material constructs the exterior layer that has water resistant and fast drying properties. It is able to with stand up to 11,000mm of water pressure … READ MORE


Maiden Noir – Fall/Winter 2010 Collection – Wasted Youth

Maiden Noir has released the first delivery of it’s new ‘Wasted Youth’ Fall/Winter 2010 Collection at select retailers worldwide, including Canada’s HAVEN. Maiden Noir’s founder and designer, Nin Truong, looked to the American youth during the Vietnam War as a source of inspiration for the new ‘Wasted … READ MORE

Wasted Military Cap Brown

Maiden Noir – Wasted Military Cap

Maiden Noir drops some basic camouflage caps from the current season. The Wasted Military Caps take the military style 6 panel snap back cap. It uses vintage camouflage textile that looks similar to the duck hunting camouflage that are in brown and green tones. Upon close inspection … READ MORE


Maiden Noir – Summer 2010 | July Release

Stifling, choking heat, only to give way to dangerous thunderstorms, summer in New York, like the city itself, is never an easy experience. Luckily, designers Nin Truong and Toshiyuji Suto understand this quite well. For July, the hottest month of summer, the duo introduces finest wear from … READ MORE


Maiden Noir Summer 2010 San Juan Islands | Available Now

A story stranger than fiction, to start a war over a pig? In 1859, an archipelago off Washington state, San Juan Islands, triggered an international crisis between the then new republic of United States and its former master, England. Already a disputed territory, when an American farmer … READ MORE


Maiden Noir – Spring/Summer 2010 Collection – Return to Tanner Ridge | Delivery 2

The second part of the Maiden Noir Spring/Summer 2010 Collection “Return to Tanner Ridge” has been delivered to select retailers worldwide. This second drop includes pieces that are more suitable for the Summer months offering a number of different tees, a couple scout 5 panel hats, a … READ MORE

Nylon Field Mountain Parka 7

Maiden Noir – Nylon Field Mountain Parka

Here is a mountain parka produced by Maiden Noir for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. This Nylon Field Mountain Parka uses 3 layer nylon material that is supreme for water resistance that is suitable up to 11,000mm level of water proofing. The exterior fabric also possess the … READ MORE

Snap Wallet Green 7

Maiden Noir x PORTER – Reversible Camouflage Series

Maiden Noir teamed up with PORTER to produce some vintage inspired products for their upcoming 2010 Autumn/Winter collection, titled “Wasted Youth”. To compliment the military and hunting influenced collection, the basic PORTER items were revamped with a reversed vintage hunting camouflage. Two standard colorways of brown and … READ MORE

Maiden Noir – Spring 2010 – Return To Tanner Ridge | Lookbook

Seattle-born Maiden Noir has been telling tales of the great outdoors for seasons now, rendering sartorial tales of the voyager, the explorer and the sublime experience of nature (once recounted by Thomas Jefferson upon visiting the Natural Bridge.) This season, the label calls for a “Return To … READ MORE


Maiden Noir – Spring 2010 Collection – Return to Tanner Ridge

Maiden Noir has began to release items from their new Spring 2010 Collection entitled “Return to Tanner Ridge”. The North American brand continues to prove that high quality menswear exists outside of Japan. This season’s collection includes various shirts including the Chambray Tanner Shooting Shirt as well … READ MORE


HAVEN X Maiden Noir – The Great North Project – Winter 2010

Edmonton and Vancouver-based retailer, HAVEN, teamed up with their friends at Maiden Noir for this new collaboration collection entitled ‘The Great North’ project, which is an ongoing yearly capsule collection between the two. This is the second collaboration between HAVEN and Maiden Noir and for this collection … READ MORE