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Maison Martin Margiela – Hotel La Masion des Centraliens | Paris, France

No longer at the helm of his eponymous fashion label though much of the world still revers at the whisper of his name, Martin Margiela. Some of it is because of Margiela’s elusive and reclusive nature (last known photo of the designer was taken in 1997) But … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela – Smoker Shirt

Maison Martin Margiela is never a brand to shy away from controversy, and is one of the few labels which does as it pleases with a firm direction and boundless creativity (Wool cape made out of ostrich and metal tubes, anyone?) This season, while the Parisian born … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela – Sailor Bag

Another new release from Maison Martin Margiela is the highly functional and utilitarian Sailor Bag. The Sailor Bag is crafted from an ultra durable cotton canvas which has been specially washed to look vintage and slightly worn. The bag is convertible with a detachable shoulder strap, thus … READ MORE

Maison Martin Margiela – Spring/Summer 2010 – Hi-Cut Sneakers

For those who do the ever clandestine yet nonetheless extremely creative Martin Margiela and lament his official departure from his eponymous fashion house, Maison Martin Margiela, the label’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection is not one to be missed. This is because it is the last season where Margiela … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela – Spring/Summer 2010 – Sneakers

Martin Margiela might have left his respected handiwork, the eponymous Maison Martin Margiela, for good, validating related rumors that have been traversing for months. But, even without a Creative Director and no intention of getting a replacement, the label’s original team of creative staff continues to purvey … READ MORE


Martin Margiela x Les Sources de Caudalie – Martin Margiela Suite

Despite rumors which had been traversing around for months, it was finally announced earlier this month that Belgian designer, Martin Margiela, has quietly left his handiwork, fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. While most fashion houses sought out new creative directors to carry on the vision of its … READ MORE


Michael Stipe x Maison Martin Margiela – The “Michael Stipe For Martin Margiela” Microcassette

American rock band R.E.M founded by lead vocalist Michael Stipe in Atlanta back in 1980 is often viewed as one of the pioneering alternative rock bands that pushed the genre into popularity in the 90s. Almost 30 years after its formation, Michael Stipe branches off the music … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela x colette – Maison Martin Margiela Shop-In-Shop

Maison Martin Margiela celebrates its 20th year in business at colette with a commemorative pop-up shop and two lines of goodies for the Margiela fans. The temporary shop-in-shop featuring line 13 , the recently released line 12 of collaborative jewelry collection with Damiani and other exclusive items … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela – Speed Bike Sneaker

Maison Martin Margiela’s Speed Bike Sneakers will give you a good reason to race this season with a mix of soles from Margiela’s Classic Replica Sneakers and an upper inspired by biker boots. Streamlined enough to be futuristic, a la Star Wars and Star Trek, the kicks … READ MORE


Oki-ni – Maison Martin Margiela Archives

One of the most clandestine designers in the industry, whether Martin Margiela revere in his anonymity or the man simply wishes to avoid the spotlight, little is known about Margiela as a man since he stepped into the scene after graduating from Antwerp School of Design in … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela Book

While fashion is a industry that operates under unyielding glares of spotlight, there are a few characters who choose to stay out of it while maintaining an almost byzantine existence as a major player. Maison Martin Margiela’s namesake and brains is one such character as he is … READ MORE