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Michael Stipe x Maison Martin Margiela – The “Michael Stipe For Martin Margiela” Microcassette

American rock band R.E.M founded by lead vocalist Michael Stipe in Atlanta back in 1980 is often viewed as one of the pioneering alternative rock bands that pushed the genre into popularity in the 90s. Almost 30 years after its formation, Michael Stipe branches off the music … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela x colette – Maison Martin Margiela Shop-In-Shop

Maison Martin Margiela celebrates its 20th year in business at colette with a commemorative pop-up shop and two lines of goodies for the Margiela fans. The temporary shop-in-shop featuring line 13 , the recently released line 12 of collaborative jewelry collection with Damiani and other exclusive items … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela – Speed Bike Sneaker

Maison Martin Margiela’s Speed Bike Sneakers will give you a good reason to race this season with a mix of soles from Margiela’s Classic Replica Sneakers and an upper inspired by biker boots. Streamlined enough to be futuristic, a la Star Wars and Star Trek, the kicks … READ MORE


Oki-ni – Maison Martin Margiela Archives

One of the most clandestine designers in the industry, whether Martin Margiela revere in his anonymity or the man simply wishes to avoid the spotlight, little is known about Margiela as a man since he stepped into the scene after graduating from Antwerp School of Design in … READ MORE


Maison Martin Margiela Book

While fashion is a industry that operates under unyielding glares of spotlight, there are a few characters who choose to stay out of it while maintaining an almost byzantine existence as a major player. Maison Martin Margiela’s namesake and brains is one such character as he is … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Fall/Winter 2009 – Velvet Sneakers

As usual (though “usual” is not quite the word to put on Margiela’s work), Martin Margiela takes us out of the box and injects elements of surprise into his creations–this time around, in a dramatic material–velvet. With a collection inspired by The Usual Suspects starring Stephen Baldwin … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Fall/Winter 2009 Sneakers

For the past few seasons, Martin Margiela had been releasing solid collections of footwear, especially his sneakers which are extremely well-received. This season we see a strong line-up of motorcycle boots inspired hi-top sneakers other than the usual hi-top silhouette and the low-top model. The hi-top sneakers … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Mahjong Set

Martin Margiela had been working with found and hand objects with the concept of deconstruction since before he started his own line. The designer tapped into his penchant for re-creation by redesigning a locally relevant tile game, mahjong, for the third anniversary of Maison Martin Margiela in … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Visor Sunglasses

Remember stunna shades and shutter shades (as made famous by none other than the celebrated Kanye West)? If you do, we don’t need to reiterate how sunglasses can be the testing grounds for creativity and also the forerunner of explosive innovative trends. These mono-lens visor sunglasses from … READ MORE