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Martin Margiela – Fall/Winter 2009 – Velvet Sneakers

As usual (though “usual” is not quite the word to put on Margiela’s work), Martin Margiela takes us out of the box and injects elements of surprise into his creations–this time around, in a dramatic material–velvet. With a collection inspired by The Usual Suspects starring Stephen Baldwin … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Fall/Winter 2009 Sneakers

For the past few seasons, Martin Margiela had been releasing solid collections of footwear, especially his sneakers which are extremely well-received. This season we see a strong line-up of motorcycle boots inspired hi-top sneakers other than the usual hi-top silhouette and the low-top model. The hi-top sneakers … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Mahjong Set

Martin Margiela had been working with found and hand objects with the concept of deconstruction since before he started his own line. The designer tapped into his penchant for re-creation by redesigning a locally relevant tile game, mahjong, for the third anniversary of Maison Martin Margiela in … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Visor Sunglasses

Remember stunna shades and shutter shades (as made famous by none other than the celebrated Kanye West)? If you do, we don’t need to reiterate how sunglasses can be the testing grounds for creativity and also the forerunner of explosive innovative trends. These mono-lens visor sunglasses from … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Reversible T-Shirt

If there’s a need for an instant makeover or disguise, this new reversible tee from Martin Margiela would come in very handy. This short-sleeved jumper is made in two colors and materials, a grey side in wool and a petroleum blue side in lightweight cotton. With this … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Fall/Winter 2009 – Footwear

For this Fall/Winter, Martin Margiela continues with his series of popular high top model in patent red and grey. Other than the high top sneakers, the brand is also providing a range of casual and dressy footwear, varying from brushed leather boots to lace up leather shoes … READ MORE


Les Ateliers Ruby X Maison Martin Margiela – Pavillon Helmet

After two successful collaborations with Parisian artist, HONET, and Angl0-Japanese couple, Eley Kishimoto, motorcycle accessories brand, Les Ateliers Ruby, seeked out Maison Martin Margiela for the third collaboration of its Signature Program. The Signature Program is a limited edition collaborative project with artists, where designers and artists … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Fall/Winter 2009 – High Top Sneakers

Martin Margiela has never failed to surprise us with creative concepts for his work and collections. For Fall/Winter 09, the collection is inspired by 1994 blockbuster thriller, The Usual Suspects, and the 70s. The collection offers a dark and mysterious template blended in with some retro influences. … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – Ring Chain

The new line of accessories from Martin Margiela that just got in at oki-ni feature a number of daily object-inspired jewelry. The concept is very “readymade” and reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp. Other than rings fashioned of out bend nails, one of the interesting pieces we’ve discovered is … READ MORE


Martin Margiela – AIDS Charity Tee

Since the (RED) campaign garnered a great amount of press and public attention towards AIDS relief, a number of labels and companies have hopped in with similar AIDS benefit projects. H&M had collaborated with a number of artists and designers on their Fashion Against AIDS collection this … READ MORE

Maison Martin Margiela - Incognito Sunglasses

Maison Martin Margiela – Incognito Sunglasses

A driving force in the world of fashion, Martin Margiela of Maison Martin Margiela recent made a foray into designer eyewear with the introduction of Incognito, a single piece sunglasses.  As Margiela’s humorous take of those blackout bar placed over celebrity photos for anonymity, the Maison Martin … READ MORE