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Diamond Supply Co. Element Collaboration Collection 02

Diamond Supply Co. x Element – Collaboration Skateboard Deck

Since both Nyjah Huston and Mark Appleyard ride for Element Skateboards and Diamond Supply Co., this collaboration project is a complete no brainer. Taking advantage of the high profiles of the professional skateboarders, the two companies got together to produce limited edition decks. Huston selected the Tiffany … READ MORE


Element – “Mark Appleyard: Life’s a Ditch” | Video

If you thought the life of a professional skateboarder was a breeze then think again. Even though they make every trick easy in videos, their daily routine is nothing but a walk in the park.┬áMark Appleyard gives us a behind-the-scene on what it takes to put down … READ MORE


Element – Mark Appleyard “Soul Rebel” | Video

Veteran Canadian skateboarder Mark Appleyard has been a consistent skateboarder for over a decade. His latest Element video, entitled, Soul Rebel, features an amazing array of big tricks and technical ledge/rail tricks. The sheer number of clips taken around the world suggests his extremely refined board control … READ MORE