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Liberty Fairs Las Vegas: Marshall Hanwell Heritage Colour Amps

At this month’s Liberty Fairs Las Vegas, we got a close-up look at the limited edition Heritage Colours models of the Marhsall Hanwell Speaker. The retro design celebrates the 50th anniversary of Marshall and functions as the company’s first loudspeakers designed for home. The throwback look features … READ MORE


Marshall Hanwell Active Loudspeaker – 50th Anniversary Edition

Of all the high fidelity consumer electronics available on the market now, only a few could surpass the mystics of a Marshall amplifiers. Whether its on stage with KISS or in a millionaire’s man-cave, the creation by the late Jim Marshall takes on another variation as the … READ MORE


Marshall – Amp Fridge | Video

It takes a creative mind to conceptualize this handy little product. The iconic Marshall Amps has been transformed into a micro fridge by Marshall Fridge. This is an authentic item made by the electronic amplifier company, mimicking the aesthetics of their famous amp. There is a 4.4 … READ MORE