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Marshall Phone Case – For Apple iPhone 5/5S & Samsung Galaxy S4

Featuring not just the look but the ubiquitous feel of a Marshall amplifier, the Marshall Phone Case’s leather-like vinyl wrapping will ensure you to have a vice-like grip on your mobile devices. Made specifically for the Apple iPhone 5/5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, the case … READ MORE


Liberty Fairs Las Vegas: Marshall Hanwell Heritage Colour Amps

At this month’s Liberty Fairs Las Vegas, we got a close-up look at the limited edition Heritage Colours models of the Marhsall Hanwell Speaker. The retro design celebrates the 50th anniversary of Marshall and functions as the company’s first loudspeakers designed for home. The throwback look features … READ MORE


Marshall Headphones The Monitor | Available Now

Now is the time for you to get your hands on over 60 years of music history, power, and sound. Easy to travel with, as iconic as their larger cabinet-style kin, and equally capable of providing superior sound quality, The Monitor over-ear headphones from Marshall, which we previewed … READ MORE


Marshall Headphones The Monitor

A stack of Marshall speaker cabinets and amplifiers have become an iconic image at concerts and shows at every level, working tirelessly for musicians since the early 1960’s, including the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and AC/DC. Such a devotion to musicians and their art has … READ MORE


Marshall Hanwell Active Loudspeaker – 50th Anniversary Edition

Of all the high fidelity consumer electronics available on the market now, only a few could surpass the mystics of a Marshall amplifiers. Whether its on stage with KISS or in a millionaire’s man-cave, the creation by the late Jim Marshall takes on another variation as the … READ MORE


Marshall Headphones The Marshall Minor | Available Now

The ethereal guitar rendition of Shine On You Crazy Diamond never sounded this close heaven that is till you’ve heard through Marshall’s new headphones.  After the introduction The Major by the iconic amplifier maker, Marshall followed with the appropriately named The Minor.  Designed accordingly to the tele … READ MORE

marshall Major summary

Marshall Headphones The Marshall Major | Available Now

“There is arguably no piece of equipment that says Rock ‘N Roll more than the Marshall amplifier….” A lot of over-the-top statements are getting thrown around with the release of the Marshall’s first headphone, The Major (which we previewed last month). It’s easy to start getting into … READ MORE


Marshall Headphones

Having lived through multiple music eras since the early 1960’s, Marshall has proven to withstand the test of time. It has become what you may call the grandfather of musical amplifiers. Having been part of countless bands and traveled for close to a century, it is needless … READ MORE