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Logan Hicks – “Toe The Line” P.S. 132 Benefit Art Auction

Plenty of parents may complain about the not-so-ideal conditions in their public schools, yet one Brooklyn-based artist is taking matters into his own hands. Upon hearing about budget cuts in his son, Sailor’s school, http://workhorsevisuals.com”>Logan Hicks, decided to pool variety of artworks from friends to raise funds … READ MORE


me Collectors Room Berlin – Art & Toys: Collection Selim Varol | Berlin

http://me-berlin.com”>me Collectors Room Berlin celebrates the act of collecting and the passion of collectors. Their latest exhibition showcases the very large collection from 39-year-old Selim Varol. He currently holds the record of the largest figurine collection in Europe, estimated around 15,000 pieces. With over 3,000 works on … READ MORE


Martha Cooper At MOCA “Art In The Streets” – By Very Nearly Almost | Video

From its subversive roots to the current explosion of interests, no one has documented the raise of graffiti and street arts better than http://12ozprophet.com/index.php/martha_cooper” target=”_blank”>Martha Cooper. In its celebration of all that is art on the streets, http://moca.org/” target=”_blank”>Museum of Contemporary Art dedicated a wall just for … READ MORE